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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1356 by

Chapter 1356

Rebecca deduced from Avery’s behavior of chasing love for thousands of miles and running to Yonroeville to find Elliot that Elliot might like active women.

And Rebecca had been too passive before. So tonight she has to take the initiative. Unexpectedly, Elliot lifted her hand away.

“Rebecca, I forgot to tell you something.” Elliot quickly put on the nightgown and fastened his belt, “I have a problem with that.”

Rebecca was stunned. She suspected that she had heard it wrong, and she frowned.

He discussed this issue with the nanny before, and the nanny said that he could have three children with Avery, and after that there must be problem in that respect.

Rebecca blushed in embarrassment, and withdrew her little hand at a loss: “Then you used to…”

“It used to be before, and now is now. Once a man turns 30, his physical strength will not be as good as before.” Elliot Seriously admitting that he has a problem, “My problem is more serious than that of ordinary men. I can’t tell the world about this kind of thing, and I hope you don’t say it. You can have children with other men. I will put yours at that time. The child treats it as if it were her own.”

Rebecca was completely stunned. She shook her head instinctively after being stunned for a moment.

“If you don’t want to find it yourself, I can help you find it.” Elliot looked down at her and discussed with her, “How about my bodyguard? Although he is your father’s bodyguard. He is very smart. If you find him, he will save a lot of trouble, and your father won’t bother us again and again about having children.”

Rebecca was stunned. She looked pale and said unwillingly: “But didn’t you have a relationship with Avery not long ago? Why can’t you?”

Elliot retorted coldly, “Who told you that I had a relationship with her? you saw it?”

Rebecca shook her head with tears in his eyes: “I didn’t see it…but I always thought you were normal, after all, you and Avery had three children…”

“That was the past. When I saw a beautiful woman like you now, my body would not react.” His fingers brushed against her pretty cheeks.

Rebecca looked down at his private part which was completely down and not responded.

Elliot suddenly retracted his finger and asked her to make a choice, “Go confess to your father, or have a baby with a bodyguard.”

Rebecca was in a particularly messy mood, and she didn’t want to choose either.

“Can I accompany you to the hospital for treatment? What if it can be cured?” she begged.

“Healing? Are you afraid that others won’t know that I have a problem?” Elliot raised his lips and retorted.

“No…I want you to be healthy…”

“I’m healthy, except for that.” Elliot confessed again that he couldn’t satisfy her.

A man wouldn’t say such a thing if it wasn’t really bad.

Rebecca’s face turned ashen and her body went cold.

Elliot sat down beside the bed, and said, “If you want to divorce me, after a while, you can talk to your father. Now that your eldest brother just left and your father is depressed. Don’t bother him with our affairs. “

Rebecca sat down beside him, expressing her attitude, “I won’t divorce you. Even if you can’t do that, I won’t divorce you. Elliot, let’s go to bed tonight, please let me think about it again.”

“Yes.” Elliot raised his hand and turned off the light.

Today in the hotel during the day, Elliot saw Avery when he was sending Cristian to the funeral.

Nick told him that Avery was here. Nick also told Elliot that Avery was wearing a blue skirt today. So he glanced at the crowd and found her figure.

Although Elliot only glanced at her from a distance, he saw the tears streaming down her face.

That picture has always existed in his mind, lingering. Elliot always believed in his inner feelings. Now he understands Whoever loves him and who is using him will give correct guidance in his heart.

He already has three children and he doesn’t want any more. If he can’t take the responsibility of a father for his child, why give birth to a child?

So he would rather admit that he can’t than give Rebecca a chance.

In the hotel.

Avery opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling in a daze.

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  1. OMG!! This was the idea that came to my mind that Elliot might use and he actually used it. He has really seen that Avery loves him and that kyrie and his daughter are only using him for their interest.

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