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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1354 by

Chapter 1354

Nick grinned, “Oh, are you distressed? What’s a beating? Even if he gets a knife and a bullet, he doesn’t necessarily take it to heart.”

Avery frowned: “Nick, Elliot is not the same as you.”

Nick interrupted her: “This is Yonroeville. Don’t mention the past, including his case in Aryadelle, it’s already over.”

Avery’s brows tightened: “Elliot will go back to Aryadelle. He said that he will go back when the matter here is resolved.”

Nick: “When did he tell you?”

Avery: “A few days ago!”

Nick sneered, “The night Cristian died, he promised Kyrie that he would never leave Yonroeville again.”

Avery’s expression changed. She was pale, and her eyes were no longer bright.

“I can’t stand it anymore?” Nick didn’t mean to make Avery feel uncomfortable.

But sooner or later Avery would know about it.

It was better for Nick to tell her now than when Elliot told her personally, but she was completely unprepared.

“There are more things that you can’t bear, do you want to hear it?” Nick shoved the tissue box into her hand, “If you want to cry, just cry quickly, so as not to get out of the car and cry later, it will be ugly.”

Nick’s voice was settled, and Avery’s tears suddenly fell.

“What’s more unbearable? You say it!” Avery wiped the tears from her face with a tissue and asked while looking at him.

Nick softened. He didn’t want to talk. If he said it, Avery couldn’t cry and burst into tears?

Nick: “Why don’t you ask Elliot? He’s done tonight, so he’ll be free.”

“You tell me now.” Avery squeezed the tissue tightly, her tone was firm, and her eyes were firmer, “Don’t worry, I’m mentally sprepared.”

“Oh… you can actually guess it. If he stays here and doesn’t leave, does that mean he has to have a child with Rebecca?” Nick raised his eyebrows, “If Rebecca gave birth to his child, would Elliot be more inseparable from here? After seeing him today, you can basically give up on him.”

Avery collapsed suddenly, and her tears fell like a flood.

Nick: “Are you mentally prepared?”

Avery cried like this. how could she get out of the car?

Nick can’t get out of the car by himself, So let the driver tow her away.

Nick coughed, “Don’t cry, I’m going to get out of the car. If you don’t get out of the car, I’ll ask the driver to take you to the parking lot.”

Avery stopped crying abruptly, but her tears remained fall down.

Holding the tissue box, she opened the car door with one hand, intending to get out of the car.

“Hey! You don’t have to be so desperate.” Nick stopped her before getting out of the car, “If Kyrie dies, the promise between them can be overturned. But it’s not that simple to kill Kyrie. That’s it.”

Avery took a deep breath and got out of the car. The rain was heavier than before. She opened the umbrella and walked behind the crowd.

In this way, it is convenient for her to see Elliot without being discovered by the Jobin family.

Avery felt like someone had pressed the pause button. She was still breathing and thinking, but she couldn’t move.

Elliot wanted to have a child with Rebecca and wanted to settle here permanently.

This was the last thing she wanted to see.

If Avery was in Aryadelle, she could still think of a way, but this was Kyrie’s territory, and she couldn’t do anything.

She even thought pessimistically, maybe after meeting Elliot today, the two of them will never meet again in the future.

5 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1354 by”

  1. Jennifer Valdez

    Avery you can only blame yourself for keeping secrets from Elliot & now for being impulsive & stubborn…

    1. So true.
      And her son is as stubborn and impulsive as her!
      Hayden Created a mess without thinking about how to get out of that just like avery!

  2. I believe there’ll surely be a way out! I’m not giving up on the relationship between Elliot and Avery.

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