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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1353 by

Chapter 1353

Hayden changed the topic, “Mom, Layla is angry. She thought I would bring you back, but she found out that you didn’t come back, so she ignored me.”

Avery was in pain: “We called Video!”

Hayden said, “She won’t.”

Avery urged, “Then I’ll call her again tomorrow. Don’t tell her everything here. I’m afraid she will be worried.”

Hayden said, “Mom, Elliot was beaten.”

Avery was stunned.

Hayden continued, “I saw footprints on his clothes, so he must have been beaten by Kyrie. I don’t hate Elliot anymore when he strangled my neck before.”

Avery had mixed feelings, “I don’t know whether to be happy that the father and son are finally separated, or to be uncomfortable with Elliot’s current situation.”

“Mom, when can you come back? Did he say anything?” Hayden saw that his mother had not spoken, so he continued to ask.

“I don’t know. Cristian’s funeral is the day after tomorrow. He probably won’t be free until the funeral is over.” Avery changed the topic lightly, “After you and Gwen arrive in Bridgedale, let me know. Also, Gwen’s eldest brother is also in Bridgedale. I don’t know much about her eldest brother, so you should pay attention.”

“Got it.” Hayden didn’t take Zion seriously at all.


Time turned, and it was the day of Cristian’s funeral.

The Jobin family was a well-known consortium in Yonroeville, so Cristian’s funeral was broadcast live on TV.

The weather was overcast today with a drizzle in the sky.

Avery could have watched the live broadcast at the hotel, but she still decided to go to the scene.

What if she can see Elliot?

She wanted to know too much what price Elliot paid to send Hayden out of here.

With Kyrie’s temper, it was certainly not enough to beat him to relieve his anger.

Because Cristian was the only son of the Jobin family.

She changed into a blue dress, and after taking the elevator to the first floor of the hotel, she went to the hotel store to buy a black umbrella.

She didn’t tell the bodyguard and Xander that she would go to the scene to watch Cristian’s funeral.

Everyone from the Jobin family went to see Cristian today, and no one would notice her.

Avery walked into the rain with an umbrella, and the cool breeze was blowing, alleviating her inner anxiety.

The memorial service was set up at the JJ Hotel.

The road in front of the hotel is subject to traffic control, and ordinary vehicles are not allowed to pass.

Avery took a taxi to the vicinity of the hotel, and looked at the door of the hotel. She was afraid that it would be difficult to see Elliot. She stretched her neck and looked far into the distance, falling into the eyes of Nick who came to mourn.

Nick asked the driver to stop the car, and then he dialed Avery’s number.

Nick teased, “Are you here to see Elliot? How can you see it when you are so far apart? Come over and I’ll take you in.”

Avery looked around and saw the luxury cars parked on the road ahead here, she saw Nick.

Nick’s bodyguard pushed the crowd aside, strode to Avery, and invited her into Nick’s car.

“Nick, thank you. I won’t go into the hotel, just let me have a look outside the hotel door.” She said gratefully after taking her seat.

“I definitely won’t take you to the hotel. If Kyrie gets angry and kills you with a gun, how can I tell Elliot?” Nick laughed, “You want to watch the fun, why not? Come early? Look at the people standing in front with their cameras, they were here from last night.”

Avery lowered her eyes: “I decided to come here on the spur of the moment. My son told me that Elliot was beaten the night before.”

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    Thank you for the lengthier updates recently. I still can’t get enough and refresh this page all day everyday but I get excited with the updates.

  2. I hope Elliott and Avery leave before he conceive a child with Rebecca. I hope something bad happens to Rebecca and her dad so Avery and Elliot can leave. I wonder what going happened after Elliot finds out that Avery is pregnant and his a brain tumor.

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    This is just my opinion ✌🏽
    Hey to our translator, thank you again for the awesome job!

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      Also, the secrecy, lies and lack of trust from all parties is worrisome And that’s what has landed all of them in this quagmire.

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