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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1347 by

Chapter 1347

The two bodies were covered with white cloth, and beside them, there were people in black kneeling.

Elliot’s eyes fell on the two corpses.

One belongs to Cristian, and the other should belong to the nanny.

Kyrie sat on the sofa next to him, smoking a cigarette.

The smoke lingered, and the expression on his face could not be seen clearly.

Rebecca squatted down and glanced at the two corpses, then squatted beside Cristian’s corpse and cried aloud: “Brother… I don’t want you to die! What will happen to my father and me if you die? Big brother, Wake up!”

Rebecca’s sadness was not faked. Even though she was now Elliot’s wife, her 20-year relationship with her eldest brother was also true.

Even if eldest brother’s bullet hit her, the first thing she thought of was not to ruin the relationship between eldest brother and Elliot.

Elliot walked up to Kyrie, and before he could speak, Kyrie handed a data card to him.

“Look.” Kyrie narrowed his eagle eyes and exhaled a thick ring of smoke.

Elliot took the information card and saw Hayden’s registration photo at a glance.

This is the fake identity information Hayden used to come to Yonroeville. The information is fake, but the avatar is real.

“Does this kid look a lot like your son?” Seeing that Elliot didn’t speak, Kyrie sneered, “I heard that your son is a computer expert and the number one in the genius class of Central University?”

Elliot put down the data card and said, “This matter has nothing to do with my son. It doesn’t matter. He is just a child under ten years old…”

“Although he is under ten years old, his lethality is very powerful.” Kyrie put Cristian’s mobile phone, press the power button, the death countdown above is gone, and now the screen is: gameover.

Game over!

For Hayden, the game is over.

But for Kyrie, this game has just begun.

“I’m old, but I’m not old enough to be useless.” Kyrie’s voice was very desolate, although there was no ups and downs, it contained great power, “If you accompany Rebecca here, you are not afraid of me Your son caught it?”

Elliot’s heart clenched suddenly. The thing he was most afraid of had happened.

“Let’s follow the rules of the road.” Kyrie smashed the cigar between his fingers into the ashtray, and exhaled the last puff of smoke, “Use your son’s life for my son’s life.”

“No!” Elliot clenched his fingers and shouted loudly, “Let my son leave, and I will listen to you in the future.”

“Hahahahaha!” Kyrie laughedwildly , suddenly roared, “Kneel down in front of me.”

After Elliot breathed a sigh of relief, he knelt down in front of Kyrie and also in front of everyone.

In the next second, Kyrie kicked Elliot away.

“How the h-e-l-l do you dare? You even dare to move my son? Do you really think I dare not kill you?” Kyrie’s eyes were scarlet, he picked up the ashtray on the coffee table and smashed it in Elliot’s direction !

Rebecca immediately rushed over and blocked his father’s attack for him.

“Dad…Dad, It’s not what Elliot did.”

“What’s the difference between what his son did and what he did?” Kyrie looked at the blood spilling from the corner of his daughter’s mouth. His fists were clenched, and his body couldn’t stop shaking, “I shouldn’t have married you to him. He has no ambition to swallow everything from me. He can kill your elder brother now, and the next step is to kill me.”

” No dad! I won’t let him do this.” Rebecca knelt in front of his father and hugged his father’s leg, “Dad, please let Elliot go. I can guarantee that he didn’t want to kill the big brother.”

Kyrie looked at her daughter’s tearful face, her heart seemed to be split into pieces.

“Kyrie, let my son go.” Elliot looked directly at Kyrie’s angry face, “I’ll pay for his mistakes.”

Kyrie As if hearing a joke, the corners of his mouth twitched, “He owes me a son, do you pay me back? Unless you never leave Yonroeville in your life, stay here forever, and be the dog of my Jobin family.”

“Yes.” Elliot agreed to his request without hesitation, “as long as you let Avery and my son left together…”

“Hehe! Your life can only be redeemed for one person.” Kyrie walked in front of him, crouched down, and smiled wickedly, “Avery and Hayden, You can only choose one.”

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