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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1337 by

Chapter 1337

Avery doesn’t think this is a good way, but right now, Hayden doesn’t have a better hiding place.

No matter where Hayden was hidden, Avery was not at ease.

Put it on Elliot’s place, at least not so worried. It’s just Rebecca…

The bodyguard comforted, “Since Elliot asked you to send Hayden over, it means that he has already discussed with Rebecca. The women in Yonroeville are quite traditional. Dogs follow dogs. After an ordinary woman gets married, she should change her surname to her husband’s. If Rebecca is not the daughter of the Jobin family, she has to change her surname too.”

Avery frowned: “But I can’t contact Hayden now.”

The bodyguard said, “Have you called Hayden?”

Avery: “I called him last time, but his number was not in the service area.”

“Try again?” The bodyguard said.

Avery immediately turned on the phone and dialed Hayden’s number.

Unexpectedly, it got through this time.

After the call was connected, Avery said excitedly: “Hayden! Where are you now? Cristian already knows you are here, and he has sent someone to look for you now.”

“I know.” Hayden’s tone was understated.

Avery: “How did you know? You can’t stay in the hotel now!”

“I’m not in the hotel anymore.” Hayden’s tone was still light, “Mom, don’t worry about me.”

“Why don’t I worry about you?” Avery Having said this, she choked, “Your father told you to hide in his house.”

“I won’t go.” Hayden refused without hesitation, “In another day, Cristian will die. Then they won’t have the energy to find me.”

Avery doesn’t care about Cristian’s life or death, she only worries about Hayden’s current situation.

“Then tell me, how are you going to evade their search now? They can’t find you in the hotel, they will definitely find you in the major restaurants.” Avery said this, her emotions were on the verge of collapse, “Mom, please, you first Go to your father’s place to hide. Many people have come to search the hotel where mom is staying now, Mom can’t protect you now.”

Avery said here, a car stopped in front of her.

Ali came with Rebecca.

Rebecca lowered the car window. She was seriously ill, and her face was pale.

“Avery, where is your son now?” Rebecca spoke quickly, “It was Elliot who asked me to pick up your son. Bring your son to me as soon as possible. Otherwise, I can’t protect your son.”

Avery hadn’t hung up yet, so Hayden could hear Rebecca’s voice clearly.

Avery opened the car door and got into Rebecca’s car.

“Rebecca, I owe you a favor this time.”

Rebecca said coldly, “It was Elliot who begged me to do this. Even if I owe it, it is Elliot who owes me. Wait until the limelight passes, you and your son must leave here immediately.”

“I know.” Avery did not dare to continue the adventure.

When the current storm passes, she will take Hayden out of here immediately.

At 3 p.m.

When Elliot returned home, he saw Hayden in the guest room.

“Elliot, he won’t talk to me. I told him to eat, but he ignored me. The nanny brought him lunch, but he didn’t eat it.”

Rebecca said, “Hayden probably doesn’t like me.”

Elliot enter the room and close the door.

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