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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1335 by

Chapter 1335

“Let’s talk when Avery returned to Aryadelle. Although she didn’t care much about money, she cared about the Tate Industries. Her father handed over the company to her before he died. If the Tate Industries collapsed, she would definitely be very sad.”



Cristian didn’t sleep all night.

At 12:00 a.m., Cristian did what he said and killed a domestic servant with his own hands. He has a hard time, and no one else in this family can think of it.

With his eyes open until dawn, watching the countdown on the screen of the mobile phone, the time passed by every second, he thought of a way.

This hacker is definitely in Yonroeville now. The enemy is in the dark and he is in the light.

As long as he checked the people who have been in Yonroeville in the past few days to see if there was anything suspicious, he could narrow the search scope.

Around noon, the bodyguards handed over a thick stack of documents to Cristian.

“Eldest young master, these are the documents sent by the airport, which are divided according to nationality. Please take a look.”

Cristian first took out the documents of the personnel who came from Aryadelle and looked at them one by one.

Cristian asked, “There is still a day and a half. Do you think I will die in a day and a half?”

The bodyguard said with sincerity, “Master, how can you die? Your father sent a lot of people to protect you in the morning, just because he was worried about your accident. Now there are bodyguards on the third and outer floors of the villa, and they will definitely ensure your safety.”

Cristian: ” But I’m so f*cking uneasy. I always think that this hacker has a thousand ways to kill me.”

“No, young master. If it’s really dangerous, I’ll definitely stand in front of you.” The bodyguard immediately show loyalty.

“Do you think my wife’s reaction was a little cold after this happened? She doesn’t seem to be afraid of losing me at all.” Cristian said suspiciously, “She doesn’t seem to love me anymore.”

The bodyguard didn’t know how to answer: “Maybe your wife was frightened. She has been taking care of her children at home, and she seldom goes out to socialize. I guess she has never seen such a thing.”

“I’m afraid she has different feelings for me.” Cristian gritted his teeth, “You pay close attention to her these two days.”


Cristian turned over the information cards of the inbound personnel from Aryadelle one by one. He mainly looks at the occupation of these people. If it is a career related to computers, he will let his staff focus on the investigation.

After looking at it for an hour, a data card made him frown. Now the information card he is holding in his hand shows a ten-year-old boy.

The reason why this little boy caught his attention was because this little boy looked a bit like Elliot. He knew that Elliot had a son named Hayden. But the boy on the data card was not Hayden.

He put down the data card, opened the notebook, and searched for Hayden’s photos.

When he checked Elliot’s information on the Internet before, he had seen photos of his two children. He felt that the boy on the data card was a bit like Elliot’s son.

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