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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1331 by

Chapter 1331

Xander has a guilty conscience: “Look at how thin you are. Besides, I will invite you today, and you will invite tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Avery sat down.

Xander immediately picked up the juice pot and poured her a glass of juice.

The bodyguard opened a can of beer.

Xander did not drink or drink juice, but opened a box of coconut milk.

Avery was quite hungry, so she picked up her chopsticks and greeted, “Eat! After dinner, I plan to go out for a walk.”

“Aren’t your feet tired after walking all afternoon?” The bodyguard teased.

“It’s okay. If you’re tired from walking, then I’ll go alone later…”

“You forgot about the kidnapping case? Let’s eat first! We’ll talk about it when we’re done.” The bodyguard admired her courage.

“Well.” Avery took a bite.

At this time, Xander raised the glass, “Let’s have a drink. I hope it goes well next time.”

Avery raised the juice glass and toasted with him: “Xander, shouldn’t it be your birthday today? It’s weird at night.”

Xander took a sip of coconut milk and shook his head quickly: “If it’s my birthday, I’ll definitely tell you to buy a birthday present.”

Avery couldn’t help laughing. Just when she was about to drink the juice, a familiar figure suddenly jumped into her eyes.

After meeting up with Nick this afternoon, Elliot came to the neighborhood to find Hayden again.

At lunch time, he and the bodyguard came in for dinner, but he didn’t expect to see Avery as soon as they came in.

His bodyguard, Ali recognized them and came to Avery’s table ahead of him.

Just like that, Elliot and Ali sat down at their table.

Xander, bodyguard were speechless.

Avery asked the waiter to bring two sets of cutlery.

Xander and the bodyguard remained speechless.

After bringing the tableware, Avery took Elliot’s cup and poured him juice.

Xander and the bodyguard remained speechless.


There are sleeping pills in the juice.

They planned to let Avery take sleeping pills and take Avery away directly.

They thought everything would go smoothly and nothing would change, but in the end–

–why did Elliot come?

–There were countless restaurants nearby, why did Elliot choose this one?

–Moreover, there were countless empty tables in this restaurant, why did he sit down at their table?

Xander has no experience in doing bad things, so at this moment, his face was flushed, his heart was racing, his mouth was slightly open, he wanted to say something, but he didn’t know how to say it.

The bodyguard was slightly stronger than him.

The bodyguard started directly and grabbed Elliot’s juice cup.

“Master, what juice to drink? ” The bodyguard poured out the juice in his glass and poured him a drink.

Avery: “What are you doing? Elliot can’t drink.”

Avery took Elliot’s glass back, poured out the wine in it, and refilled it with juice.

Xander and the bodyguard remained speechless. The expressions on their faces seemed to be twitching. Their eyes seemed to bulge out.

Elliot noticed something was wrong at a glance.

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