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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1330 by

Chapter 1330

Xander was stunned. If he listened to Rebecca and forcibly took Avery away from Yonroeville, he would definitely be very angry when Avery woke up.

–Avery might break up with him.

–If Xander doesn’t listen to Rebecca, Avery may be in danger of staying here.

After thinking twice, he accepted the ticket and sleeping pills.

“I knew you would accept it. You must like Avery, so you must understand how painful I am now.” Rebecca picked up the water glass in front of him and took a sip.

“Miss Jobin, people’s joys and sorrows are not the same. I only understand the pain of my friend and I…I don’t understand you, just like you don’t understand that Avery and I are not the kind of relationship you think.” Xander said this then said goodbye to her.

Before that, he and Avery had not had much contact for several years. How could there be a relationship between a man and a woman? But their relationship with teachers will never change.

“Oh, then think I don’t understand. As long as the two of you leave the country, I don’t care about the two of you at all.” Rebecca put down the water glass and said, “I just want to protect my own one-acre and three-point land.”

“I’ll take the plane ticket and sleeping pills first. But I won’t necessarily succeed.” Xander finished and got up from the sofa.

Rebecca said, “Xander, please take my contact information. If you need my help with anything, you can call me.”

Xander didn’t think he needed her help. In his eyes, Rebecca is like a childish child.

Although he has a childish face, he has been learning the tone and appearance of adults, which is a bit funny.

After the two exchanged numbers, Xander walked out of the villa. Back at the hotel, he pressed the doorbell of Avery’s guard room.

The bodyguard and Avery returned to the room after lunch. They made an appointment to find Hayden together in the afternoon.

Seeing Xander standing at the door, the bodyguard was a little surprised: “Dr. Xander, are you looking for me?”

“Well.” Xander entered the room and closed the door, “How is Avery today?”

The bodyguard said, “She is fine today. She slept until noon and woke up. Now I went back to my room to take a nap. But I don’t think she could fall asleep. She saw me looking for Hayden outside all morning and asked me to come back and take a rest.”

“Then Isn’t it disturbing your rest?” Xander asked sternly.

“You came to me specially, what’s the matter?” The bodyguard looked at him.

Xander was very uneasy, and he didn’t dare to talk to Avery directly, so he could only talk to the bodyguard. His purpose is not to talk, but to hope that the bodyguards will join forces with him to take Avery away together. Otherwise, if Avery was given sleeping pills, he would not be able to get her to the airport.

Xander whispered, “Let’s get out of here tonight. Rebecca came to me just now and said that her father and brother didn’t like Avery. If Avery continued to stay here, it would be very dangerous.”

The bodyguard: “I know. My boss knows this too. But she doesn’t know how to spell fear.”

Xander said solemnly, “Besides this, there was also her illness. She needed surgery as soon as possible. The Jobin family didn’t deal with her, and her illness would kill her. This was not a trivial matter. You couldn’t follow her with everything.”

The bodyguards paced up and down the room, undecided.

“I have sleeping pills here. I’ll secretly give it to her at dinner later. Then we’ll take her out of here.” Xander said the plan.

The bodyguard frowned, “What about Hayden? Let’s go and leave Hayden here alone?”

Xander analyzed, “I’ve thought about this. Let’s go first and let Elliot find Hayden. Also, if Hayden knew that Avery was no longer here, he would definitely not stay here. Now there is nothing better than this. It’s a good way.”

The bodyguard nodded: “You are right. But when she returns to Aryadelle, she will definitely be pissed off.”

After that, a compromise was made.

After the two reached a consensus, Xander immediately returned to the room. At dinner time, Xander ordered a sumptuous meal at a restaurant in advance.

Avery and the bodyguard looked around the neighborhood in the afternoon, but did not find Hayden.

When Avery came to restaurant and saw the table full of delicious food, she said, “Xander, why do you suddenly want to treat?”

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