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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1329 by

Chapter 1329

After the bodyguard finished speaking, he walked out quickly. He came out of the restaurant and strode up to catch up with Hayden.

“Hayden! Your parents are looking for you. The two of them found you at two in the morning last night.” The bodyguard wanted to take him to see Avery.

“Let go of me.” Hayden is already determined to let Cristian finish.

The bodyguard slammed him a little and said, “your mother asked me to see you and brought you to her. Otherwise, she will fire me.”

Hayden: “If you don’t let go, I can also ask my mother to fire you. Squid!”

The bodyguard immediately released his hand: “Hayden! Don’t go now! Your parents mean that Cristian is more dangerous, so don’t provoke him. Otherwise, you will fall into his hands.”

“I won’t fall into anyone’s hands. Before I get rid of Cristian, don’t look for me again.” Hayden shouted at the bodyguard and also said, “Trust me, okay!”

The bodyguard: “…”

Hayden’s facial features are similar to Elliot, and his arrogant, proud and hot temper should also be very similar to Elliot.

The bodyguard was conquered by the confidence and leadership that radiated from him.

The bodyguard only shook his head, and Hayden ran away and disappeared.

The bodyguard returned to the hotel in despair, just in time to meet Avery coming out of the elevator.

“You went to find Hayden with Elliot?” Avery asked. She was completely asleep, so she is in good spirits now.

“I saw Hayden just now, but let him go again.” The bodyguard lowered his head, ready to be scolded, “Boss, I’m really afraid of him.”

Avery said, “Then you’re not afraid of me?”

The bodyguard said, “I thought about it, I seemed to be more afraid of him. Even if Elliot saw him, he would have no choice. Only you could subdue him.”

Avery was annoyed: “I shouldn’t have overslept.”

“Don’t think like that. You look much more normal today. Hayden let us believe him. He said he would solve Cristian as soon as possible, and then come to see you.”

“He Really?” Avery felt that things were getting more and more out of control.

“Well. I believe in him, boss, you believe in him too. He is not 100% sure, and he will not rashly take action.”


Jobin’s Villa.

Rebecca lay in bed for a few days and couldn’t lie down any longer.

Through Vice President Lewis, she invited Xander over.

Elliot went out early and returned late almost every day, so she invited Xander to come home, and she was not worried at all that she would be bumped by Elliot.

In fact, Xander didn’t want to go to the appointment, but Vice President Lewis treated him well, so he came to meet Rebecca out of Vice President Lewis’s face.

“Xander, I checked. You came here on a tourist visa. And you came here after Avery came. You came here for Avery, right?” Rebecca sat on the sofa, she looked at him calmly.

“You invited me here just to ask this?” Xander asked rhetorically.

“Elliot is my husband now, but Avery is here, which has seriously affected the relationship between our husband and wife. Xander, do you like Avery? Take her away. Otherwise… …Otherwise my brother and my father may kill Avery at any time.” Rebecca said and warned him.

Xander frowned, “Miss Jobin, I want to take her away too. But I can’t help it. She wants to wake up Elliot’s memory. Let’s go.”

Rebecca: “Does she think that when Elliot regains her memory, she can go back to Aryadelle with him?”

Xander: “Yes. That’s what she thinks.”

Rebecca analyzed calmly, “She doesn’t know Elliot too much. Elliot knew what she wanted and what she was doing from the beginning to the end. Even if Elliot loses his memory and doesn’t remember her, Elliot would not be able to remember her. Just found their past from the news. He chose to stay here because there is what he wants here.”

Xander was taken aback.

“This is the ticket to leave Yonroeville tonight, and this is sleeping pills.” Rebecca handed the ticket and medicine to Xander, “You knock her out tonight and take her away.”

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