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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1328 by

Chapter 1328

Just when Elliot got up and was about to catch Hayden, a group of people came in at the door of the restaurant.

The leader is Cristian.

The moment Elliot saw Cristian, Cristian also saw Elliot. This is the first time the two have officially met since the shooting.

When the enemy met, he was extremely jealous.

When Cristian saw Elliot, a fierce light flashed in his eyes.

But because Kyrie and Rebecca were sandwiched between the two, the apparent peace had to be maintained.

When Hayden saw Cristian come in, he immediately sat down in the chair again. This was the first time he saw Cristian.

This bstard who bullied mom. If it wasn’t for her resourcefulness, her mother would have been killed by this bstard now!

He absolutely cannot give Cristian the possibility of hurting his mother again, so Cristian must die.

“Didn’t you have an appointment with the third master today? Why are you eating here?” When Cristian asked Elliot this sentence, his eyes swept to Ali inadvertently.

Ali is Elliot’s personal bodyguard. To put it nicely, he is a bodyguard, but to put it badly, he is Kyrie’s eyeliner beside Elliot.

Cristian felt that Ali would not be bought by Elliot in such a short period of time.

But why is Elliot here?

Ali blushed slightly, restrained and uneasy.

At this time, Elliot spoke first: “Nick is not available this morning, we temporarily changed the time and arranged to meet in the afternoon.”

“Oh! I said! Who is this person?” Cristian sat down beside Avery’s bodyguard and asked Elliot.

The bodyguard immediately reached out to Cristian: “Hello, Master Jobin, I’m Avery’s bodyguard.”

When Cristian heard this, his face suddenly turned pale: “Why are you here? Could it be that Avery is also there?”

He looked around, and after meeting Hayden’s profile, he stopped for a while.

Afraid that he would recognize Hayden, Elliot immediately explained: “I asked Avery’s bodyguard to come out, and I planned to ask her bodyguard to send her back to Aryadelle. Rebecca talked to me last night, and she didn’t want Avery to stay here.”

Cristian sneered: “You finally care about Rebecca’s feelings? If you can’t say anything about Avery, let the third master say it. Isn’t she also the third master, Nick’s woman? Haha!”

Elliot held up the water glass and took a sip.

“Elliot, I really didn’t expect you to play so much in private. Haha! And that Avery, it opened my eyes.” Cristian talked about Avery, “She is a medical genius and a famous female enterprise. Your identity sounds awesome, but it turns out to be so unrestrained in private. For a while, I didn’t know whether to say that the two of you played with Rebecca, or whether Avery played with the two of you.”

Cristian’s words made Hayden clench his fists. He got up abruptly and accidentally knocked over the water glass in front of him.

The water glass rolled to the ground with a ‘bang’ sound.

Cristian immediately looked towards the source of the sound. Hayden immediately lowered the brim of his hat, then carried his schoolbag, and went to the cashier to check out.

Cristian frowned as he watched Hayden walk to the cashier, and then took his eyes back.

“I can’t get used to seeing someone pull like this in front of me. If he was older, I would have to beat him up.” Cristian said wildly.

Cristian seemed to be talking about Hayden, but he was actually speaking to Elliot. He was warning Elliot not to try to climb on his head.

Avery’s bodyguard saw Hayden walking out, and immediately got up: “I’ll go first, you guys can talk slowly!”

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    1. Thank you for adding more today. My nerves were all upset when they had eye contact at the elevator. I appreciate all the time you are putting in know if it wasn’t such a addicting story.we all wouldn’t be annoying you so much to translate more. So very much appreciated. Waiting for more. Thank you

  1. I now understand that Elliot is pretending to have memory loss he hasn’t forgotten about Avery. He has his agenda.

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    Please update more soon 🙏 this is the only book I read

  3. To our dear translator. Thank you so much for your hard work! This novel moved us in all directions which means the story is great.

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    I’ll go first
    Emily VanCamp (from Revenge) and Roberto Enriquez (from Cook of Castamar)

  5. I feel Elliot is pretending to like Rebecca. I feel he pretending to get on their good side and waiting for the final moment to break them down. I kinda worried about Elliot finding out about Avery tumor. I wonder what he going do when he find out she has tumor. If it to late to safe her? If he can’t save her? I would cry. I cried earlier about him being with another women and being cruel to Avery. I stop reading because I couldn’t take it. It broke my heart. I wanted to wait until something happy between Avery and Elliot. Finally, I read it and I glad that Elliot is pretending to have memory loss. I also came with a conclusion that he can’t never love someone else but Avery, even if he pretends to like other women. His heart clearly belongs to Avery. I get it now he trying to protect Avery. Avery is that chick who doesn’t believe she needs protection. Obviously Avery and Elliot still love each other. They’re love can’t be destroyed even when people get in way between their love.

  6. Do we have any ideas how many chapters are his novel is? They are translating it from Chinese, has there been an ending or is the author still writing it in Chinese?

  7. Jackie Daniel

    Again, thank you for your translating this novel. I appreciate your hard work on translating with more chapters. This is a wonderful novel.
    Thank you and keep up the great work that you’re doing

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