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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1323 by

Chapter 1323

Elliot didn’t want to be so humble and aggrieved, but reality hit her hard.

Avery couldn’t face the pain of losing him, and the confidence and pride she once had had disappeared before she knew it.

“Tell me first, how are you willing to leave here.” Elliot generous palm held her small hand. He wanted to take her hand away, but Avery held on to his shirt tightly.

“You just want to get rid of me? The more you want to get rid of me, the more I won’t leave.” Avery was having a hard time, and she wouldn’t make him feel better, “I don’t believe Kyrie and Rebecca can allow you to keep entangled with me. “

“Don’t you plan to send Hayden back?” Elliot retorted.

The two of them spoke their own words, but they understood what each other was talking about.

“I’ll just take him on the plane.”

Elliot looked at her stubborn face and stubborn eyes, and he couldn’t do anything about her.

“There are no outsiders here, why don’t you tell me the truth?” Avery couldn’t understand him, and she felt like she was going to be tortured mad by him.

Every day she came to Yonroeville, her spirit was under heavy pressure.

If it weren’t for the wonderful memories of the past constantly emerging in her mind, she would definitely not be able to hold on to the present.

Elliot didn’t answer her question.

The car they were in was given to Elliot by Kyrie.

Who can guarantee that there are no bugs in the car?

The bodyguards outside the car were also assigned to him by Kyrie.

Although the bodyguard followed him and obeyed his orders, no one could guarantee that the bodyguard would not betray him at any time.

“You came by car, I won’t take you back.” Elliot wanted to get out of the car, so that she could get off easily, “Go back.”

She still grabbed his clothes and refused to let go.

“I’m not going…Last time on the yacht, you were obviously not like this.” Avery missed his tenderness at that time, she wondered if she was dreaming at the time, she needed to confirm.

“Come up and close the car door.” Elliot looked at her with deep, dark eyes.

Avery had to forcibly pull him into the car and close the door.

“Avery, what do you want to do?” Elliot looked at her helplessly, “I’m going to find Hayden…”

“Didn’t you say he used a fake identity, is it safe now?” Avery quickly unbuttoning his shirt, “Try again… Let’s try again…”

Elliot frowned. He doesn’t want to do that right now. He just wanted to find Hayden as soon as possible, so that Hayden would not fall into the hands of Kyrie, which would ruin his affairs.

He couldn’t bear to reject her directly, so he shied away: “Next time.”

“No! Who knows when the next time will be…” Avery fingers quickly unbuttoned his shirt one by one, revealing his essence With a thin and sturdy chest, “Elliot, I am your wife. Have you forgotten the oath you made in front of all your relatives and friends? You said you would love me forever. Are your oaths irrelevant?”

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