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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1318 by

Chapter 1318

Avery answered the phone, but couldn’t adjust her emotions: “Elliot, I didn’t find Hayden. I came to the hotel to ask, and the front desk said Hayden didn’t stay at this hotel.”

“Are you sure you saw him in this hotel?” Avery asked again hoarsely.

“Sure.” Elliot’s voice came firmly.

Avery asked, “You haven’t forgotten Hayden, have you? You haven’t forgotten Layla, and Robert…”

Elliot’s breathing was obviously solemn: “I’m sure he is in Yonroeville. You should go look for him instead of asking me this silly question.”

Avery tears fell, “I can’t find it. I don’t know where to find him. He can’t get through. If he doesn’t contact me, It’s impossible for me to find him at all.”

Hayden was no longer a two or three year old baby. During the half year he studied abroad, his abilities improved by leaps and bounds. Now he was no longer the Hayden that Avery is familiar with.

Hearing Avery’s cry, Elliot brows furrowed: “OK, I’ll find Hayden.”

Elliot accompanied Kyrie and the others to lunch at the moment. Because he was worried about Hayden and he came to the bathroom and called her.

After hanging up, Avery stood up. She wanted to find Hayden as soon as possible and prevented Elliot from coming forward.

Otherwise, let Kyrie know that Hayden is here. It is hard to guarantee that Kyrie will catch Hayden and will threaten Elliot with Hayden.

Avery wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and called to Mike.

Mike answered the phone quickly and covered his exhaustion with laughter: “I specifically didn’t call you these few days to see if you would call me.”

“Hayden has come to Yonroeville. I can’t contact him now. Is there any way you can contact him?” Avery held the mobile phone and stood in the hot sun, looking towards the hotel door.

“Pfft! Hayden went to Yonroeville? This kid! How dare he!” Mike jumped up from his chair in shock. “I’ll find a way to contact Hayden right away. I’ll call you as soon as I have news.”

Avery looked away from the hotel door. Seeing her sweating profusely, the bodyguard suggested, “Boss, let’s go back first. Hayden is here to find you, and he will definitely call you.

“The family has taken them away.” Avery’s mouth seemed to be pressing a big rock.

“Boss, Hayden is not that stupid.” The bodyguard said his own analysis, “Let’s go back to the hotel first, maybe Hayden is in our hotel now.”

Although Hayden is young, he knows nothing less than normal adults. Even, his IQ is above 99% of the crowd.

Avery wiped the sweat from her forehead and said, “Go back first!”

The two returned to the hotel where they stayed, but they did not meet Hayden, but met Xander who was waiting in the lobby on the first floor.

Xander held a bag in his hand, and inside this bag was a CT film of Avery’s head.

Avery was shocked when she saw the film in her hand. She took the bag and asked casually, “Should it be alright?”

Xander’s tone was a little cold: “I hope you are all right, too.”

Avery immediately understood that the test results were not good. She didn’t watch the film at all and changed the subject: “My son is here. He is not even ten years old this year. He came alone.”

Xander was stunned for a moment: “Where are the others?”

“Elliot said he saw Hayden. Maybe it’s because they met once, so he is hiding now.” Avery took out her mobile phone between words to check for incoming calls and messages.

In her mind, quick memories and Hayden’s bits and pieces. And the tone and words Hayden said the last time they talked on the phone.

Until Hayden came here privately, he didn’t show any abnormal emotions. He was calm and composed, not like a child. This time, he was able to come to Yonroeville smoothly, and it was organized and planned.

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