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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1311 by

Chapter 1311

Avery walked to Nick’s side, and said firmly: “I at least want Elliot to give me an explanation before I leave.”

“I’m too lazy to care about your business.” Nick had a headache when he saw Avery’s stubborn appearance.

“You are hard-mouthed and soft-hearted, and so is Elliot.” Avery felt a glimmer of light in her heart.

Although Avery was kidnapped and suffered some humiliation, she knew Elliot’s intentions. If Elliot had no feelings for her at all, how could he beg Nick for her?

“It’s numb, I don’t know how to be ashamed.” Nick blushed and strode out of the living room.

Nick’s bodyguard sent Avery to the hotel and left.

Avery walked towards the elevator, and her bodyguard immediately followed and patted her on the shoulder: “Boss! You’re finally back. Xander called me and said that you were kidnapped, which made me anxious.”

In Yonroeville, the bodyguard was unfamiliar with the place where he lived and had no connections, so he couldn’t get any information at all. He could only wait for her in the hotel lobby.

“I shouldn’t have given you a holiday today.” Avery pressed the elevator button and said with lingering fears, “Cristian is too arrogant. He kidnapped me directly on the street.”

“This is the Jobin family’s territory, of course Cristian dares to be so arrogant. Well, you’re back, otherwise what am I going to tell Mike annd your two children….By the way, who rescued you?”

Avery said, “Elliot.”

The bodyguard sighed, “I guessed it was him. Except for him. When Xander called me, he cried. I have to say, your classmate is quite loyal.”

“Where is he now?” Avery asked.

The bodyguard said, “I don’t know. He called me at that time and said to find Elliot. Now that Elliot has rescued you, I guess he has come back to rest. Why don’t you call him and ask?”

Avery was empty-handed. She said, “I lost my phone. I wonder if Xander picked up my phone.”

The bodyguard glanced at the time and said, “Then go to his room tomorrow to find him. It’s very late now. It’s almost 1 a.m.”




Ben Schaffer sent Gwen to the hospital for a b-ultrasound examination.

The examination showed that the gestational sac in Gwen’s body was gone.

Her child is gone.

Ben Schaffer helped her out of the ultrasound room.

Gwen didn’t cry anymore, but her mood was very low, she didn’t say a word, and her eyes kept down.

Ben Schaffer pulled her to the waiting chair next to her and sat down.

“Gwen, what’s going on? The nanny said that you went out after breakfast. What are you doing?”

Gwen heard the voice and raised her head: “The woman had shoulder-length hair and was wearing a dark brown skirt. She said she was your good friend. She invited me to drink a cup of milk tea, and that cup of milk tea killed my child.”

Ben Schaffer frowned as if listening to a bizarre story.

“She said she was my good friend?! What’s her name?”

“She wouldn’t say it. But I have her number.” Gwen turned on the phone and showed him the call record, “Ben Schaffer, I’m really stupid. But it’s alright if the child is gone, you don’t need to be embarrassed anymore. But I can’t give you the dowry gift you gave to my eldest brother for the time being.”

Ben Schaffer felt a pain in his heart: “Gwen, stop talking. I’m sorry for you. I know this woman, I’ll go find her.”

Gwen put away her phone and said, “Send me back first. Send me to Starry River Villa.”

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