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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1309 by

Chapter 1309

Xander heaved a sigh of relief, “Oh, since you said that, then I’m relieved! You didn’t see how fierce the man in black was. My glasses were broken by him.”

Elliot looked at with his red and swollen eyes, he couldn’t help thinking of Avery’s difficult situation now. He clenched his fists and strode towards the door.

Xander followed him: “What are you going to do?”

“Smoking.” He asked, “Do you want to be with me?”

“I’m not very good at smoking…Let’s smoke together.” Xander wanted to refuse, but was really bored, so Changed his mood.

After a while, the bodyguard handed Elliot the cigarettes and lighters he bought.

Elliot took the cigarette and walked towards the smoking area.

Xander followed behind him. After the two of them lit a cigarette each, the white smoke immediately rose and lingered.

“Elliot, have you really forgotten Avery now? Her bodyguard told me that you used to love each other very much.” Xander asked.

“Her bodyguard didn’t follow her today?” Elliot asked rhetorically.

“No. Didn’t she go to Rebecca’s birthday party today? Nick sent someone to take her there, so she gave the bodyguard a day off.” Xander said this, and was even more annoyed, “I’m sorry I didn’t Use. If her bodyguards were here today, Avery would not have been kidnapped.”

Xander’s words suddenly woke Elliot up.

After Elliot put out the cigarette, he immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed Nick.

In an old factory.

After Avery’s clothes were torn apart by Cristian, she raised her hand and gave Cristian a slap.

“Cristian, you can’t touch me. Because…” Avery eyes were full of tears of humiliation, and when she said this, she hesitated.

Cristian was not afraid of Elliot at all. So Avery could only think of other ways.

Cristian touched the face that was slapped by her, and his anger erupted: “Because of what?! You b*tch dare to hit me. You’re going to die.”

“Because I am Nick’s woman. Nick! You are familiar with this name. Right?” Avery shouted.

Cristian was stunned. The anger in his body cooled down immediately.

“You are Nick’s woman? Are you sure?” Cristian seemed to have heard a joke, and he was a little scared at the same time.

“I met him in Bridgedale four years ago. He had an operation in Bridgedale four years ago. Professor James Hough performed the operation, and I was the first assistant. His operation was almost done by me. It was also because of that operation that he treated me well. Love at first sight. Because of his intense pursuit, we had a secret relationship. I didn’t plan to say this, but I didn’t expect you to be such a jerk. If Nick knew that you treated me like this tonight, he would never let him go over you.”

Avery said it carefully, and Cristian was so frightened that he extinguished the fire.

“I’ll call my third master now. If it’s what you said, I’ll let you go right away. But if you lie, hehe… If you lie, I’ll let you suffer to death.”

After Cristian gritted his teeth, he picked up one side of his pants, took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and dialed Nick’s number.

Avery’s heart clenched into a ball. There was a white light in front of her eyes, and everything turned into an illusory halo.

She felt like she might be dying.

After Cristian dialed the phone, it took a while to be connected.

Cristian turned on the speakerphone and wanted Avery to hear the conversation.

“Third Master, I’m calling you so late because I have something I want to verify with you.” Cristian said in a submissive tone, “Is Avery your woman? She said that she had a secret relationship with you in Bridgedale four years ago.”

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  1. Poor Rebecca, poor Elliot fir being so confused. Poor Avery causing all this mess trying to save hurt to Elliot if she’s surgery didn’t go well. She still hasn’t said anything about Shea. I’m sure his memory would pop right back. Avery is going to mess around to long and her tumor is going to burst. HYden is going to get caught up in this mess trying to help his mom and Elliot. Sad since he’s a little boy. But in his eyes adults are stupid. Please more pages or chapters. Thank you

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