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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1306 by

Chapter 1306

The man in black grabbed Avery’s arm with lightning speed.

With a ‘bang’, Avery’s mobile phone fell to the ground. Before she could react, her body was quickly dragged to the car by the man in black.

Xander hurriedly chased after him and took Avery’s other hand.

“Who are you? Hurry up and let go, Otherwise I’ll call the police.” Xander yelled at the man in black.

He has just been discharged from the hospital, and his body is relatively weak, so he cannot exert much strength.

Soon, his body reached the door of the car.

And the man in black turned a deaf ear to his threats. Not only was he not afraid of calling the police, but he even threw a punch and hit him in the face.

Xander’s glasses flew out instantly. Without glasses, he became blind.

“Xander let go. Go find Elliot. Let Elliot save me.” Avery saw that Xander was beaten, but he still held her hand tightly.

Avery was afraid that Xander would be implicated by herself, so she threw off his hand forcefully.

After she let go of Xander’s hand, her body was completely dragged to the car. With a ‘bang’ sound, the car door was forced closed by the man in black.

The black car, like a gust of wind, quickly disappeared into the dark night.

Xander screamed in pain. He struggled to find the broken glasses on the ground and put them on. After barely being able to see things clearly, the black car had no idea where it was heading.

Xander hurriedly took out his cell phone from his pocket, intending to call the police.

At this time, out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of Avery’s mobile phone that fell to the ground.

Avery just asked him to find Elliot. So, Xander quickly picked up her phone and pressed the power button.

However, after pressing the power button, the screen prompts that the face does not match, and asks him to enter the password to unlock.

–How would he know Avery’s mobile phone password.

–He hadn’t been in contact with her for several years, and when he was the same teacher in the past, his relationship was not that familiar.

–He scratched his head straight at the screen of the phone he wanted to unlock. He has no idea where Elliot is now, how can he find him?

–Now, just call the police.

Xander turned on his cell phone and dialed the police. After the phone got through, he began to describe what had happened to the police.

At this moment, Avery’s mobile phone screen lights up.

Xander saw the words ‘Elliot’ jumping on the screen of Avery’s mobile phone, and his eyes were wet with excitement. He hung up the police’s call and immediately took Elliot’s call.

“Elliot! Avery was kidnapped Just now at the gate of the Hospital. It was a black car, and a man in black got off and took Avery away.” Xander’s emotions collapsed. He used all his strength to yell at him, “Elliot, F*ck you, hurry up and save her. If she dies, you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

On the other end of the phone, Elliot heard Xander’s words, frowned and hung up the phone.

He just took a shower and saw several missed calls from Avery, so he called her back.

Unexpectedly, Avery was kidnapped.

His face was gloomy and powerful, and he quickly thought about who was behind the scenes and how to rescue him. He strode to the closet, took out a set of clothes and changed into it, then strode downstairs.

The person who kidnapped Avery was either Cristian or Kyrie, there was no other possibility.

Although Elliot married Kyrie’s daughter, his relationship with the second brother, Nick and the fourth brother has not yet officially become hostile.

They would not be so impatient to attack Avery.

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