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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1300 by

Chapter 1300

She quickly extracted the key words in her mind: Marbour, yacht, shooting case.

Today, Rebecca’s birthday party was held on the yacht of Marbour Sea.

So the shooting the doctor said… must have happened at Kim Young Ah’s banquet!

She immediately chased after the doctor, but one step too late.

The two doctors entered the elevator, and the elevator doors closed quickly.

Xander chased after her: “Avery, what are you running for?”

“They said a shooting case just now, did you hear that?” Her cheeks were flushed and her breathing was solemn, “Elliot may be in danger.”

“You mean a shooting case happened at Rebecca’s banquet?” Xander took her arm, “Don’t be nervous… Do you have Elliot’s phone number? Why don’t you try calling him first? “

“I have his number, but he may not answer my call.” Avery frowned, took out her mobile phone, and called Elliot. Just as she guessed, the call went over and was not answered.

“Don’t worry, didn’t the doctor go to rescue just now? Maybe all the injured people will be sent to this hospital later.” Xander comforted her, “How about we just wait here? Otherwise, wait for us to rush. Maybe the ambulance brought them here.”

Xander accompanied her to the emergency room.

If the injured person is brought in, they will go to the emergency channel.

The two sat down in the emergency waiting hall.

Avery’s body was tense, and her brain was running at high speed.

On the yacht today, Nick’s bodyguard asked her if she wanted to go with him before leaving. She didn’t understand what the bodyguard meant at the time, and felt that the bodyguard was inexplicable. Now it seems that Nick’s bodyguard may have long known that there was danger on the yacht, so they called her to leave together.

It’s a pity that Avery didn’t understand the meaning of the bodyguard at that time. If she knew in advance that there would be danger on the yacht, she would definitely take Elliot off the yacht.

Also, after she was sent back to the hotel, Nick called her and kept asking when she would return to Aryadelle, which also confirmed this.

If there was no danger there, why should Nick kindly remind Avery to return to Aryadelle?

Avery tears suddenly and hurriedly fell.

Seeing her sudden tears, Xander was puzzled: “Avery, Elliot may not be in trouble, why are you crying? Guns can’t be restrained here, there should be frequent shootings.”

She raised her hands to wipe away tears, and choked: ” Actually, I came back from there at noon today. It wasn’t me who came back, it was Elliot who drove me back.”

“Oh?” Xander pondered for a few seconds and guessed, “You mean that he may have known in advance that the yacht was on the boat. There will be a shooting case, so let you go in advance.”

Avery nodded sharply: “It must be so. Because his behavior at noon was too extreme. He let me go, I refused to go, he threw me directly into the sea. “

Xander was stunned.

Avery said “I hate him to death at noon. I don’t understand why he does this…I understand now. He must know there is danger, so let me go quickly.”

Xander took out a tissue and handed it to her: “Are you worried that Elliot is in danger?”

Avery took the tissue and wiped away her tears, her chin raised slightly, trying to stop the tears from falling: “It must be Rebecca’s eldest brother who did it. He is afraid that Elliot will rob him of Kyrie’s property, so he can’t tolerate Elliot.”

“Even so, Rebecca will definitely help him, right?”

“Rebecca is only 21 years old, and she doesn’t have any ability to fight against her eldest brother.” Avery became more and more desperate, “No, I have to call Nick and ask.”

She must immediately know who was injured in the shooting.



On the laptop screen, a piece of news from Yonroeville appeared in front of Hayden.

The shooting on the yacht appeared on the local news in Yonroeville.

Because Avery is in Yonroeville, Hayden checks the news of Yonroeville every day.

After seeing the shooting, Hayden frowned tightly.

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