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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1296 by

Chapter 1296

Now Kyrie’s situation was that after calling him, he didn’t respond at all.

But when he sniffed, he still breathed.

So the nanny did not contact the doctor immediately, but contact to Rebecca first.

“Miss, why didn’t you see the eldest young master?” The nanny didn’t see Cristian, so she looked for Rebecca.

“He probably drank too much.” Rebecca muttered, “I saw him drinking a lot of alcohol today.”

The nanny said, “Oh, the eldest young master hasn’t come back for a while. I think he is happy to see so many relatives and friends today. Miss, you don’t have to worry too much. The master is breathing normally. I suspect that he may have fallen into a deep sleep.”

“Did you call a doctor?” Rebecca asked.

The nanny said, “No, why don’t I call now.”

“Well, hurry up and call the doctor.” Rebecca was upset, “Dad must not have an accident.”

Rebecca was worried that her father had not made a will. She knew that her father was waiting to see Elliot’s performance. If Elliot performed well, he said that he would hand over the core business to Elliot.

If his father died suddenly now, then Cristian would definitely occupy his father’s property. Now she and Elliot are on the same boat, so she can’t let her father have an accident.

She and Elliot entered the guest room where Kyrie was resting, and saw Kyrie’s peaceful sleeping face at a glance.

Elliot strode to the side of the bed and reached out to probe Kyrie’s breath.

Breathing was normal.

Rebecca bent down, held Kyrie’s big palm, and shouted loudly, “Dad, wake up! I’m Rebecca, Dad!”

Rebecca’s voice was very high-pitched and heard, even a little sharp.

But Kyrie did not respond. Obviously, Kyrie Jobin was not sleeping normally now. He must have passed out.

Soon, the nanny came with the doctor.


On the deck, Avery leaned against the railing and smoked the first cigarette in his life.

In fact, she had already lit three cigarettes.

Every time a cigarette is lit, it is completely burned out by the sea breeze within a few puffs.

As she lit the fourth cigarette, there was a dull sound of footsteps behind her.

Avery didn’t look back, because the sea breeze blew the unique scent of the man behind her.

He stopped beside her, saw the cigarette in her hand, and was stunned.

In his originally calm eyes, thousands of waves appeared.

“You can smoke?”

The man seemed unable to believe that she was such a woman.

“I can not only smoke, but also drink. Besides, I will do everything you can do.” Avery raised her red lips and teased, “Why did your wife let you out? Don’t answer, let me I’m guessing…she’s the one who asked you to kick me off the yacht?”

She kept her eyes on the bite mark on his neck as she spoke.

This is what she bit, she bit it on purpose.

She wants Rebecca to know who is his real wife and who is the third party in this relationship.

After Elliot heard her words, his expression became more gloomy. He opened his palm, and a hairpin appeared in his palm.

She left it on the bed.

“No wonder my hair is loose.” Avery took the hair clip from his palm, tugged the hair on her forehead to one side, and secured it with a hair clip.

Her casual and calm movements easily tugged at his heartstrings.

“Avery, let’s go.” His Adam’s apple rolled, and he said sharply, “Let’s go now.”

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