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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1295 by

Chapter 1295

This bodyguard was from Nick.

Avery looked at him: “Do you think I can smoke?”

The bodyguard: “I think you are very bored.”

Avery chuckled and stretched out her hand: “Then give me one!”

The bodyguard handed her a cigarette and then set fire to her: “Nick called me just now and told me to go back.”

“Well, go back. I’ll go home by myself later.” Avery looked at the lit cigarette and imitated the bodyguard. Put it to your mouth and try to take a breath.

As a result, the choking smell of tobacco penetrated the air pipe, and she couldn’t help coughing violently.

The bodyguard laughed: “Look at how stupid you are. Don’t take such a big mouth at the beginning.”

Avery was laughed at by him, and was a little annoyed: “If I give you a scalpel and ask you to operate on someone, you will too. You ‘ll become an idiot.”

“Haha! You’re still angry.” The bodyguard laughed. His eyes fell on the red mark on her collarbone, teasing, “Have you gotten along with Elliot so soon?”

“No,” Avery was slender. She put the cigarette between her fingers and took a sip, barely choking this time. “Elliot didn’t recognize people when he lifted his pants. He wasn’t like this before.”

“People will change. They will change. What he’s like is related to the environment he is in.” The smile in the bodyguard’s eyes was very aggressive, making people uncomfortable, “Would you like to come with me?”

Avery’s smoke between his fingers, Frightened and fell into the sea.

“What do you mean?” Avery frowned.

“Literally!” The bodyguard looked at her slyly, “If you don’t go, then I’ll go. If you don’t go with me, be careful to regret it.”

“Why do you regret if I don’t go with you?” Avery became more and more confused, and even felt that the face of the bodyguard in front of her became distorted. She pushed the hair from the sea breeze on her cheeks behind her ears and asked, “What the hell are you trying to say?”

Seeing that she was so clueless, the bodyguard was reluctant to tell her more.

“Ms. Tate, I’m leaving. Take care of yourself.” The bodyguard took a step back and turned around and left.

“Hey! Wait a minute.” Avery was even more annoyed, “Give me your cigarette and lighter.”

The bodyguard didn’t expect her to be addicted to smoking, but he gave her the cigarette and lighter generously.

Avery took over the cigarettes and lighters and no longer cared about the bodyguard’s whereabouts.

In the banquet hall.

Rebecca held Elliot’s arm and refused to let go for a second. When she saw Elliot in the housekeeping department, she saw the bite marks on Elliot’s neck.

This is not only a bite mark, but also a gauntlet from Avery to her.

Avery, this b*tch. To be so brazen, openly seduce her husband at her birthday party.

Rebecca was so angry that she vomited blood, but she couldn’t show any unhappiness on her face.

If Avery is a v*xen, then Elliot can’t control his lower body, and both have problems.

Rebecca could only endure. Her father had told her that no matter what, he would keep Elliot’s people.

Only when Elliot stays in the Jobin family can there be hope for the future of the Jobin family. Rebecca must not let her father down, let alone see the fall of the Jobin family.

After a while, Kyrie’s personal nanny came hurriedly, took Rebecca’s hand, and whispered, “Miss, something happened?” Elliot immediately pricked up his ears when he heard this.

After the nanny told Rebecca about the matter, Rebecca immediately took Elliot’s hand and said anxiously, “Elliot, go see my father with me.”

Kyrie got drunk in the morning and was sent to the guest room went to rest.

The babysitter stayed in the room to take care.

Just now Kyrie’s cell phone rang. It was from someone important. The nanny wanted to wake up Kyrie to answer the phone, but no matter how the nanny called, she couldn’t wake him up.

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