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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1287 by

Chapter 1287

Elliot stretched out his noble hand and opened the lid of the trash can. Just when he was about to reach in and take out the medicine he had just thrown in, the bodyguard immediately stopped him!

“Mr. Foster! It’s dirty inside. Let me do it.” The bodyguard didn’t dare to push Elliot away, so he could only quickly hold the trash can and turn around.

Elliot retracted his hanging arm, adjusted his mood, and said to the bodyguard, “There is a bag of medicine in it, take it out.”

“Oh! Is that the bag of medicine that your ex-wife sent in the evening?” With the fastest speed, he twisted the bag of medicine out of the trash can.

When Elliot saw the medicine, he immediately stretched out his hand, intending to take it.

“Mr. Foster, this is something I picked up from the trash can. It’s so dirty. I’ll take it to disinfect you before giving it to you.”


He wanted to replace this eventful and talkative bodyguard.

“Mr. Foster, in fact, I can go to the pharmacy to buy medicine for you again. These medicines can be bought at the pharmacy.” The bodyguard disliked the bag of medicines picked up from the trash can, but Elliot wanted it, but he didn’t dare to throw it away.

Elliot grabbed the bag and said coldly, “Put the trash can back in place!”

The bodyguard was stunned for a moment: “Oh!”

Elliot took the bag of medicine he picked up from the trash can and strode toward the villa.

The bodyguard touched his nose: doesn’t it mean that he has a cleanliness addiction? Unclean now? And he kindly reminded him to disinfect, why is he unhappy?

In the hospital.

Avery pushed open the door of the ward and was surprised to see the bodyguard and Xander chatting hotly.

“What are you two talking about?”

The bodyguard: “Your classmate is very interested in the past between you and Elliot, and it happens that I know everything, so I will tell him.”

Avery raised her eyebrows: “I want to go back to Aryadelle.”

“Boss, if you suffer, you will suffer. If you think about yourself, you don’t have to suffer here, Right?”

“Go back to the hotel to rest.” Avery didn’t want to talk about it, “I’ll find you tomorrow if I have something to do.”

“What about you? You can’t stay here with your classmates all night, can you? I’ll wait outside.” After the bodyguard finished speaking, he strode out of the ward.

Xander looked at her red and swollen eyes, not knowing what to say to relieve her.

“Xander, how are you feeling now?” Avery walked to the chair where the bodyguard was sitting and sat down and asked Xander.

“I’m fine.” Xander wrote lightly, “I understand why you can’t let him go after knowing the relationship between you and Elliot.”

She lowered her eyebrows and said angrily: “Actually, if you didn’t have children, it might not be so troublesome. Now my affair with him has a great impact on the child, and I feel very sorry for the child.”

Xander comforted, “You can’t think that way. Few people can really grow up in a greenhouse. The growth process of most people, all have the negative effects of family. Real life is like this, there are both good things and pains.”

“Thank you for comforting me, I feel better.” Avery raised a smile and cheered up, “It’s going to last for a month, and it’s just the beginning.”

I came out of the hospital and went back to the hotel.

After she showered and changed into clean clothes, she lay down on the big soft bed. She wanted to let herself go, but she started thinking about what happened today out of control in her mind.

Jobin’s nanny said that Elliot took Rebecca to buy gifts this afternoon.

Regardless of whether they have s-e-x or not, their relationship seems to be good.

When she was depressed, the phone rang suddenly, disturbing her thoughts. She picked up the phone and was stunned when she saw the call reminder.

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