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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1284 by

Chapter 1284

He took her to her car.

“Open the door!” he shouted sharply.

“Your re-examination results are not ideal, did you not go to Vice President Lewis?” Avery handed the medicine to him again. Her tone was more severe than his, “You must avoid smoking and drinking recently, I don’t care about the Jobin family. What’s the matter, young master, you can’t make fun of your body.”

“I told you to open the car door!” He raised his voice and slammed his clenched fist on the car without warning.

‘Bang’ with a loud bang!

Avery shrank her neck.

“I’m leaving, I’m leaving now!” Avery was suffocated by the powerful aura around him.

She stuffed the medicine into his arms and pushed his body away.

She opened the car door and looked back at him before entering the car.

“Elliot, I won’t pester you all the time. I’m afraid that you will regret it after regaining your memory. If you recover your memory someday, come and tell me that the current life is the life you want, and I will leave.” Avery After saying these words, she got into the car and closed the door.

After the car disappeared in front of his eyes, he threw the medicine she stuffed into the trash can next to him.

After filming today, the doctor told him that he was recovering well. He believed that the doctor would not lie to him.

He strode into the front yard and into the villa.

Rebecca was talking on the phone with her cell phone.

Seeing him come in, Rebecca greeted the person on the phone and hung up the phone.

“Elliot, I called Vice President Lewis just now and asked about your review. He said you didn’t go to him after the examination today.” Rebecca frowned worriedly, “He said he listened to radiology. The doctor said your film is fine. But I told him that Avery said there was a problem with your review, so he’s going to adjust your film now.”

After Rebecca finished speaking, Cristian laughed at the side: “Rebecca, you have never cared about me so much.”

“It’s different. Brother, you have so many people who care about you, but Elliot is the only one now.” Rebecca walked up to the big brother and said, “Big brother, how long are you going to stay here this time?”

“My father told me to come back. He didn’t tell me to go.” Cristian said, looking at Elliot, “Elliot, you married my sister, and I want you to stay drunk tonight.”

“Big brother! Elliot just had surgery, he can’t drink now.” Rebecca refused for Elliot.

“But how did I hear that he drank with his father last night? He could give his life to drank with his father, but not with me? Is he looking down on me?” Cristian’s words, both inside and out, were putting pressure on Elliot.

He was admonishing Elliot that he was the master of the Jobin family.

Moreover, in the Jobin family’s site, the Jobin family’s eyeliner is everywhere.

Elliot’s every move is under his control.

“I’ll accompany you to drink.” Elliot said indifferently and took a sip.

“It’s almost the same. Otherwise, I thought you looked down on me.” Cristian said angrily, leaning on Elliot’s shoulder, and strode towards the dining room.

Rebecca watched the two of them take their seats in the dining room. She held her mobile phone and anxiously waited for Vice President Lewis’s reply.

Today, her father is away, and she can’t find him to help her. The eldest brother has always had a bad temper and doesn’t listen to anyone.

If he gets Elliot drunk and causes Elliot to suffer from physical problems, his father will definitely punish him. And Cristian would definitely hate Elliot for that.

Rebecca didn’t want the relationship between Cristian and Elliot to deteriorate.

After a while, the phone rang, and Rebecca immediately answered the call.

After answering the phone, Rebecca walked towards the dining room in shock.

She snatched the glass from Elliot’s hand and said, “Elliot, just now Vice President Lewis said that there is indeed something wrong with your re-examination results. It may have been caused by drinking with Dad yesterday. You can’t drink today. You drink milk, I’ll accompany you. “

Elliot’s eyes flickered with a fleeting surprise.

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