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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1282 by

Chapter 1282

The driver sent Elliot to the villa.

After the car stopped, Elliot got out of the car.

Rebecca walked out of the room briskly in a fiery red dress.

“Elliot, how’s the test result?”

Elliot: “It’s okay. The doctor told me to rest more.”

Rebecca took his arm and entered the living room with him.

“Then don’t be so busy next. If you’re embarrassed to tell Dad, I’ll tell him.” Rebecca frowned slightly, “Dad only knows to let you work, and doesn’t care about your health at all. To me, nothing is as important as you.”

“Rebecca, why are you dressed up so beautifully today?” Elliot glanced at the red dress on her body with deep eyes and pulled the topic away.

Rebecca smiled excitedly: “Because there will be a mysterious guest coming tonight. I won’t tell you first, you’ll find out later tonight.”

Elliot nodded: “It’s your birthday soon, what birthday gift do you want?”

Rebecca’s cheeks were slightly red, and she said with embarrassment: “There is no one who asks for a birthday present. I want whatever you give me. I am happy with whatever you give me. As long as it is given by you, I will cherish it well.”

Every word of Rebecca made him feel comfortable.

On the contrary, Avery gave him a headache as soon as he opened his mouth.

Intuition told him that he should choose Rebecca, a knowledgeable, docile, docile and virtuous woman, but he thought of Avery more often in his heart.

“Rebecca, do you want to go shopping? Let’s take you out to buy gifts in the afternoon!”

After he made the proposal, Rebecca smiled and stood on tiptoe and kissed his chin: “Thank you husband. I heard that you didn’t eat in the morning. You must be hungry now? I made soup for you and made your favorite dish, go and try it.”


The time flickered, and it was evening.

After Avery had dinner, she drove to Elliot and Rebecca’s residence. She didn’t dare to park the car at the gate of the front yard of their villa. After she parked the car beside the fence, she carried a bag and got out of the car.

She took a deep breath, walked to the gate of the courtyard, passed the railing gate, and glanced into the courtyard.

Under the glow of the sunset, she could see a lot of flowers and trees planted on the left side of the front yard, and an artificial rockery pond on the right side.

The environment was quiet and the scenery was pleasant. It’s not dark yet, but the lights in the yard were all turned on.

The door of the villa was closed, and the lights inside could only be seen through the window, but the scene inside could not be seen clearly.

Avery pursed her red lips, took a deep breath, and then pressed the doorbell.

Soon, the nanny opened the door of the villa and walked out.

Seeing Avery, the nanny frowned.

She couldn’t let Avery in.

“Ms. Tate!” the nanny said with a bit of arrogance and impatience, “the relationship between you and Mr. Foster is in the past. Now Mr. Foster and my young lady are married. And they have already been in the same room and are very affectionate. It’s her twenty-first birthday, and this afternoon, Mr. Foster took our young lady out to pick out gifts.”

Avery said, “they are married, isn’t it normal for them to be in the same room? Why did you tell me specifically? Could it be that the two of them have not been in the same room for the past few days?”

The nanny was so angry that her temples jumped at her words: “Ms. Tate! You are not welcome here. Please leave immediately!”

“I’m looking for Elliot, not you. You let him come out or ask your lady to come out.” Avery was not affected at all, her breath was steady, neither humble nor arrogant.

48 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1282 by”

      1. ros.. this story really attach to my life now. hahaha..i feel bad to my self because it affect my mood everyday

  1. Avery is a fighter, she won’t let go that easily. I think Elliott won’t haven’t fully gotten over her. He still hasn’t slept with his new wife shows he still has feelings for Avery.

  2. Please update with the rest of book altogether. Don’t want to continue waiting and reading for the rest of my life

    1. Spent so many hours days weeks on this.and today’s wants to make me cry. Hoping it doesn’t take to many chapters to get see Shae. Stop hating Avery and not letting his new wife( who seems good) be hurt. Some reason it took till tonight for me to be able to see new chapters/ pages had been put up

  3. Deanra Nelson

    I love that you’re giving your time to translate this for us and I hate to be impatient but I’m getting impatient. I spend most of my days trying to update this to see the new chapters. I know you have others things In life that are more important but this author needs to speed things up a bit. It’s been the same scenario over and over with different twists but I’m a busy mom of 3 with 2 jobs and can’t keep spending my days trying to see when this will updated lol. Not trying to sound mean since I know it’s a service you’re doing for us. I love this book way too much and need to see how it goes faster lol. I’m beyond addicted.

    1. Agree. That’s why I said the other day, maybe we should each pay a small amount to make up for the time this person is translating and posting. We might get more chapters. Just something to show appreciation. But then I guess we could pay and then not get nothing. I don’t know. Just hate wiring lol

  4. Elliot has never slept with any other woman in his life not even with Chelsea who was on his side for over ten years, I don’t think he’ll ever sleep with Rebecca. Avery was the only woman he has ever slept with, even when Avery left him for six years he never had any other woman. He has not fully forgotten about Avery, he only hates her because of the Negative words about Avery that Kyrie has has been bombarding him with.

  5. To the translator you are doing a marvelous job. To my fellow readers I believe this story won’t end any time soon because after the crisis between Avery and Elliott there will be issues with Henry and COle and Wanda. I know the author captured our imagination but now its getting ridiculous and predictable that its just one intrigue after another. The bad people keep causing issues leading to misunderstandings. It seems the good people are destined to suffer because they love. Is the intent to show the reader that love is all about suffering? I for one would like to see some happiness, peace and love.

    1. MJ, I totally agree with you! When I started this story I thought it was about love/romance etc, instead it’s just pain and suffering for the good people and the evil ones always win. Without Avery and Elliot together there is NO reason to continue reading. After almost 1300 chapters they should be an unbreakable couple who stands beside each other and fights for their happiness.

      1. MJ, LJSO,
        Yes. 100%.
        I know this is a translation, but please bring some happiness and joy back! Avery and elliot need to be together

  6. Thank you for translating this book.
    As for the Author this seems like a never ending story. Avery and Elliott has gone through so much bad things and such little happiness. She’s sick but chasing a man instead taking care of herself so she can return to her children. What’s gonna happen next Elliot new wife is gonna have children with him or they will try to kill his other children. 😞 Why didn’t the writer make Avery put pictures of the children, Shea and his other close friends in the book as well to jog his memory. This book seems so enticing at first but the more I read the more I am getting a headache because the story is being drawn out so badly it’s sad. The writer must have had a heartbreak and mostly bad things happened to him/her.
    I wish someone could help the translator translate this book so we do not have to wait so long to see what is the out. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a bad one.
    This is my opinion.

  7. Thank you for more chapters and please give us more! Also could you maybe clarify if this is actually a novel or maybe more of an ongoing comic you are translating? That way instead of questioning when it will end, we could just enjoy the continuing soap type novel!

  8. Lovely, well said. I absolutely agree with you.
    Honestly the way this story is going is disturbing. I don’t understand why someone would write a story with so much pain and suffering.

  9. Thank you for translating, if this is an ongoing story and the writer is still writing can you ask them for more chapters please. They way this is going is very disturbing to me. Why so many villains in this story, why can’t Elliott and Averi be happy for once? I thought this was a romance?

  10. Tagged on with this story from april and still its nowhere near end and its frustrating!
    avery never will realize that only if she chose to tell the truth about shea to Elliot these stupid things wouldn’t have happened!
    I can foresee it….elliot will regain his memory but avery’s tumor will be deadly and all blame will land on Elliot!
    And he will go gaga once again!
    Thus the story will forever be continuing.

    1. Maricel armenion

      Give avery and Elliot happy ending this story is going long im going to stress what happen next.

    2. Same thinking.. Elliot will win against kyrie and regain his memory but blaming his self when time comes she will knew Avery’s tumor and that I could see another hundred chapters to make it up.. Another hundreds of chapters against them and Wanda, another hundred of chapter against them to Cole and Henry.. 🙈

      1. Lovely, you hit it spot on!
        There is no way Avery will survive the Cerebral Hemorrhage if she does not get it taken care of soon. They are deadly, I had a 10% chance of living with mine. It is quite sad that she is being put in this situation… She may be a neurologist, but she clearly is not of sound mind.
        As for Elliot, his heart clearly wants Avery. He just does not know the truth and what to believe. So sad!
        I also wondered why photos of Shea were not included in the notebook, but then I thought… When did they ever have time to take photos with her? I think once she gets better, if Elliot were to see her, it would be all over.

  11. Did I missed something? How can be Elliot got married to Rebecca overnight? Is that even legal their marriage? That means Avery still the legal wife. I’m confused to the story 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Arinzone, depends which country/celebrities you think to portray it.. I reckon Turkish, Italian or Korean actors would suit on this novel/soap drama..
      What you think?

      1. @CHIEL, i dont follow turkish italian or korean drama.. i just thought of hollywood actor @ actress..hehe..just to waste my time for waiting next chapter..

  12. I’m wondering if Kyrie hadn’t preformed surgery on Rebecca to make her like a “stepford wife” She seems WAY to appeasing & didn’t even get upset when she got all sexy & Elliot basically told her, “your perfume stinks.” (retied her mighty) & said “Go take a bath.” Then walked out! 😳

  13. Eish, i just want Elliot and Avery to be happy…. ill stop reading by then. This now control my moods and i hate it. I believe in love and this book shows that loving is suffering. I thought that this novel is romance and that love conquers all… completely mistaken.

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