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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1277 by

Chapter 1277

“Miss, why didn’t you accompany your husband?”

“He’s busy and didn’t need me to serve him.” Rebecca sat down on the sofa, picked up the fruit plate, and ate the fruit sullenly, “He didn’t seem to be interested in me. was I not beautiful enough? But the last time I saw his ex-wife, I think I was much more beautiful than his ex-wife and I was younger than his ex-wife.”

The nanny boasted: “Miss, of course you’re more beautiful than his ex-wife. Otherwise! How could he marry you so simply?”

“But I took off his clothes for him just now, and he put them on again.” Rebecca whispered and guessed, “Is he not healthy?”

The nanny comforted, “Miss, he only After the operation, his body is definitely weak now. In another month, he should be able to return to normal. He is so tall, and he has three children with Avery, so he must be fine.”

Rebecca suddenly felt a lot more relieved.

The next morning.

Elliot came to the hospital for a review.

After the deputy dean asked about his physical condition, he opened a CT of his brain.

“Mr. Foster, I have to remind you that your ex-wife heard from nowhere that you would come for a re-examination today. Before you came, she came to me once and asked if you were here.”

Elliot suddenly remembered what she said yesterday. .

She said she would come to him every day until he regained his memory.

Elliot took the list and came out of the vice president’s office. As a result, he met Avery head-on.

Avery handed the black notepad to him: “this is your notepad, which contains the notes you took before the operation. If you accept it, I’ll leave right away.”

Elliot took the notepad from her hand without hesitation.

Seeing him accept it, Avery breathed a sigh of relief: “Are you here for a review? The CT room is on the sixth floor. Go!”

“Avery, do you think I’ll fall in love with you again when I restore my memory?” Elliot looked at her proudly, “Although I forgot what happened between us, I can find it through the Internet. I will never do it again. I’ve been tricked by you.”

“Have you been tricked by me? I’ll wait until you recover your memory. The impression you have of me now is the one instilled in you by others. Whether it was instilled by Kyrie or the Internet. It’s all one-sided for you.” Avery deliberately angered him, “You’re half a fool now.”

Her last words successfully angered Elliot. He pushed her body hard into the corner.

“Elliot, you should still remember what kind of person you used to be. You used to hate running away, no matter what happened, you were never afraid to face it. Why did you listen to Kyrie and do amnestics? Do you think you can erase our past by forgetting me? Impossible! Your memory will reappear, just like the wound on your body will heal automatically.”

Avery saw the anger in his eyes disintegrate a little bit, she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

Looking at his familiar face and smelling his unique breath, her reason was thrown into the clouds.

How she wanted to hug him tightly.

Suddenly, Xander strode from not far away!

“Elliot! Let go of Avery.”

Xander saw Elliot pushing Avery to the corner, thinking that Elliot was bullying Avery, so he didn’t even think about it, he ran over and grabbed Elliot’s arm.

He wanted to pull Elliot away, but he didn’t expect that Elliot slammed back with his elbow almost instantly.

Xander’s internal organs were hit hard, as if they were about to split.

He let out a pained cry, let go of Elliot’s arm, and at the same time squatted down.

“Xander! Are you okay.” Avery saw that Xander was injured and immediately went to check his condition.

Elliot frowned when he saw that Avery was so nervous about this strange man.

What does this man named Xander have to do with Avery?

“Elliot, Come and help me. He’s my classmate.” Avery couldn’t help Xander, so she sought Elliot’s help, “Elliot, you are too insignificant.”

“Anyone who sneaks at me from behind will This is the end.” Elliot looked down at her from a high position, “Avery, don’t come to me in the future. Otherwise, it will not be your classmate but you who will be injured next time.” After he finished warning in a deep voice, he strode towards the elevator.

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