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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1274 by

Chapter 1274

Although the two of them were arguing on the surface, Avery had great confidence in her heart.

“Then what are you going to do next? After all, Elliot has a wife now. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to go to him?” Xander asked.

“What’s so embarrassing about me? If it wasn’t for Kyrie, Elliot and I would have reconciled long ago.” Avery took a sip of water then continued, “You’ve seen someone get a marriage certificate as soon as they got off the operating table. “Well, but why does Elliot listen to Kyrie so much?”

Xander was a little confused, “You said Kyrie is not a good person, doesn’t Elliot know?”

Avery was silent for a moment, then explained: “It’s a complicated thing to say. Kyrie helped him a long time ago. The good and the bad are not simply distinguished by legal terms. Maybe the people we think are bad but some people good and kind hearted.”

“I see. If Elliot stays by Kyrie’s side, there will be no danger.”

“No. Kyrie is a very dangerous person, as long as Elliot stays with him by his side, even if Kyrie doesn’t move him, Kyrie’s opponents and enemies won’t let him go.” Avery said.

Avery was with Nick today and learned a lot of information.

Xander now completely understood.

Elliot entered a dangerous circle, and Avery wanted to pull him out of this circle. She is not only for Elliot and Rebecca to break up and come back to her, but also for Elliot’s future.

Jobin family.

Kyrie invited Elliot and his daughter Rebecca to dinner.

A sumptuous meal was on the table.

After everyone was seated, Kyrie poured a glass of wine, and when he handed it to Elliot, he remembered that he had an operation, so he immediately put the glass in front of his daughter and said, “Rebecca, You drink for Elliot.”

Rebecca smiled tenderly: “Dad, you treat Elliot better than me now. Who is your biological son?”

“I treat Elliot well, isn’t it for you? Your brothers are not good, no one can do the best. I am also getting old, and we will only rely on Elliot in the future.”

Kyrie said, looking at Elliot, “What is the third brother looking for you today?”

Elliot said, “He asked me and Rebecca when to make up for wedding. He prepared a gift for us.”

Kyrie said, “Oh, he has a heart. Since the sixth and seventh died, he has refused to see me again. Our seventh brothers had such a good relationship before. Now it’s like this, it’s also chilling.”

“Don’t mention the past. I won’t like to recall the past.” Elliot took an empty wine glass and poured himself a drink, “Kyrie, I’ll accompany you to drink some.”

“Okay.” Kyrie raised it up Clinking glasses with Elliot and said, “Ben Schaffer and Avery came over last time. They are ridiculous and they wanted to kill you. But I will not kill you. I used to treat you as a real brother. But now you have married my daughter, So let’s kiss each other more.”

“I made an appointment with the second and fourth brothers to meet in a week. If you don’t want to come forward, then I will go alone.” Elliot said.

“I’ll go with you. I’m afraid you won’t be able to deal with them if you go alone.” Kyrie frowned and said solemnly, “They think I did the death of the sixth and the seventh. Now the two of them join forces. Come on, you want to kill me. If I hadn’t read the past feelings, I would have killed them. Now that they have taken advantage of overseas capital, they want to ride on me, which is really irritating.”

Elliot silently sipped wine.

“Although my appeal is to resolve this matter peacefully, if they have to be tough, I will accompany you to the end. In Yonroeville, no one can touch you. It’s a big deal that everyone will die together. But they will never have the guts.” Kyrie picked up the glass and poured the wine for Elliot, “They all know that you are mine now. As long as you don’t leave the country in the future, I can guarantee your safety.”

“I will solve this matter as soon as possible. It is impossible to stay in Yonroeville forever.” Elliot wanted to take back which he has lost everything before.

“With your words, I’m relieved.” Kyrie looked at the ambition in his eyes and was a little worried. If he can always obey himself, that’s the best.

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