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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1273 by

Chapter 1273

“How did you get Nick to promise to help you?”

“I have my own way.” Avery sat down beside him and said aggrievedly, “Elliot, I can’t make you forget me. All Our passion and love are closely related to you. Our past, you can’t clear it all up if you want, or I can quit if you want to start a new life.”

Elliot clenched his fingers tightly, not knowing how to connect her words.

He threatened her but she was not afraid. He couldn’t really do anything to her. Even if he want to do something to her, he can’t.

“Do you really have no feelings for me?” Avery squeezed his big palm tightly, “turn your head to look at me.”

“Boring.” Elliot sneered from his throat.

“I’ve long known that you are good at covering up your heart, but I don’t believe that you completely forgot about me.” Avery squeezed his hand with the utmost strength, her other hand wrapped around his neck, her red lips falling on his thin lips.

Elliot familiar breath stirred all the emotions in her heart. Thinking that he is now another woman’s husband, thinking of his cold attitude towards himself, tears fell uncontrollably. Hot tears were printed on his face.

Elliot pushed her away suddenly and glared at her with disgust: “Avery! Did you use such a lowly method to control me before?”

“Yes!” Avery pursed her bright red lips and followed his words, Said, “Would you like to try it to see if you will be controlled by me again?”

Elliot was irritated by her words but he couldn’t really kill her. Finally, he turned his anger on the black notepad in front of him. He threw the notepad in the trash. Then get up and get ready to leave.

“Elliot! You really forgot about me.” Avery looked at his tall back and laughed at herself, “I thought you were lying to me but I didn’t expect it to be true.”

His footsteps stopped for a while, and then he decided to leave. After he left, Avery picked up the notepad from the trash can and wiped it clean with a tissue. After wiping, she put the notepad in her bag. Then she picked up the teapot and poured herself a cup of tea.

After a while, Elliot’s car disappeared in the front yard of the villa. Avery came out of the villa with a bag.

The bodyguard saw her coming out and immediately opened the car door.

The bodyguard said, “Boss, I saw the two of you kissing. Do you still have feelings for him? Does he have feelings for you?”

Avery: “What do you think?”

“It’s not me that you kissed, how do I know?” The bodyguard blushed and drove the car out.

Avery ignored the bodyguard’s ridicule. She began to think about how to find Elliot tomorrow.

Elliot didn’t take the notepad and Avery could continue to use this reason to go to him tomorrow.

During dinner, Avery was in the hotel and invited Xander to dinner.

“I met with the vice president today. He said there is no recovery method.” Xander said and smiled, “But he said that the first monkey who underwent amnestic surgery has recovered its memory. Is this a good news?”

“Well. Forget it. I tested Elliot today. I don’t think he completely forgot about me.” Avery stated her basis, “Elliot really hates people touching him. But when I kissed him today, he didn’t push him immediately. Whether he remembers me or not, his body doesn’t resist me that much.”

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  1. This chapter is quiet emotional,reading what avery been telling to Elliot…🥺😞
    But the bodyguard responds made me laugh🙈🙉”It’s not me that you kissed, how do I know?”

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