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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1269 by

Chapter 1269

Everyone was silent.

Only Tammy snorted coldly: “You men don’t have a good thing.”

Ben Schaffer was stimulated by this sentence: “It’s boring for you to say that.”

“I heard that you made Gwen’s belly bigger and still Don’t want to be responsible? Is there such a thing?” Tammy blocked his words, “I really sympathize with Gwen. Why did I meet you, a big sc*mbag?”

Jun bumped her with his elbow, Let her stop talking.

“Don’t let people talk about it? Even if Elliot is here, I dare to call him a sc*mbag in front of him.” Tammy came here today to vent Ben Schaffer.

“I didn’t say I’m not responsible for Gwen. I went to her, and she said she found the man who took over. What the h-e-l-l can I say? Am I going to have a showdown with the pick-up man? It’s ridiculous.” Ben Schaffer held up wine glass, drink it up.

Chad immediately poured wine for him.

“Then you should reflect on it, why Gwen would rather live with the man than with you. It’s not because of you.” Tammy gave him a hard blow.

Ben Schaffer’s eyes were scarlet, and he was scolded and dumbfounded.

Tammy said, “Although I haven’t met Gwen, Avery told me that Gwen is a very poor girl. She has been neglected since she was a child and lacks love. Now as long as she is nice to her, she will be very obedient. You must be very bad to her.”

Ben Schaffer said in a snarky manner: “How can you be good to her when you say that you are good to her? Marry her? I can’t do it. She and I are like people from two worlds.”

“Then why are you distressed? Just let Gwen and the man live together. You don’t have to be responsible. After the child is born, it has nothing to do with you.” Tammy blinked her apricot eyes, “Still, you don’t want Gwen, but want a child?”

Ben Schaffer: “…”

Tammy: “Scmbag! Although Elliot is a scmbag, he didn’t rob Avery for the child.”

Ben Schaffer: “…”

Mike couldn’t bear to see Ben Schaffer’s face turning red: “Ben Schaffer, don’t you really want a child?”

“Nonsense. Of course I want my own child. Don’t you want it when you have a child?” Ben Schaffer retorted.

Mike blinked innocently, “I won’t have a child. If you want a child, you can’t have a child’s mother, right?”

“I said, she has already found a pick-up man. I originally had a good discussion with her, but the discussion couldn’t go on.” Ben Schaffer picked up the wine glass and slammed the wine into his stomach.

It was the first time Ben Schaffer had encountered such a headache in all his years of life.

“If I told you that the man you were talking about was someone you knew…”

“Who?!” Ben Schaffer threw the wine glass down with a ‘bang’.

“The man lives in Avery’s house.” Mike’s reminder was clear enough!

“F*ck! She’s on good terms with Avery’s bodyguard?”

Everyone: “…”

“In your eyes, Hayden is not that man?” Mike saw him pitiful, so he pointed it out.

“You said that the man is Hayden?” Ben Schaffer’s face changed from purple to pale, and from pale to peach red, “Hayden wants to help her raise a child? How embarrassing is this? He is still a child himself.”

13 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1269 by”

  1. I think Elliot didn’t completely loose his memory. He might be playing a game with Kyrie. Otherwise, I am no longer rooting for him.
    Averh also deserves to be happy. She has never ever considered any other man but Elliot
    If he is determined to move on, she too can move on after all she too has a very long life a head of her. Sheet should look after her health, kids and fight for her company to surpass every other one.
    She has suffered enough and also learn to share burdens with the right person or partner in order to Avoid a repeat of this kind of problem in the future

  2. This book has so many twists and turns. I am really hoping Elliot and Avery have a happy ending. I have been upset with both of them at different times throughout this book.
    Please more chapters. I have today off and was hoping to read.
    Again thank you for all of your hard work.

  3. I know it’s hard translating, I just wish we could get more chapters a day 🤪. I’m ready for some things to be resolved!

  4. I cried. Why is Eliott so cruel to Avery? I feel heartbroken for her that Jerk left Avery for another women and have surgery to erase his memories of her and their children. Just because the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

  5. This is really getting good but I wish Avery gets surgery done I think Elliot remembers her and still loves her

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