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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1267 by

Chapter 1267

But Elliot has indeed changed. Become unfamiliar and cold-blooded. It doesn’t make sense to reason with him, and he refuses to talk to him about old feelings.

Avery felt like a stone was blocked in her heart, heavy and painful.

Perhaps, letting go of obsessions is the only way out.

The next morning.

Avery decides to go to Bridgedale with Xander for surgery. It’s not that surgery can only be performed in Bridgedale, but it is meaningless for her to stay in Yonroeville.

Elliot was determined to say goodbye to the past completely and start life anew. She stayed here just to get in his way.

When packing her luggage, Avery was holding a black notepad and was dazed. This was Elliot’s thing and should be returned to him.

“It seems that the amnestic technique was really good. Elliot didn’t remember his ex-wife at all. I heard that his ex-wife went to him last night, but she was overthrown by him…”

“Then don’t our hospital want to It’s on fire? After all, the vice president personally gave Elliot the chief knife.” A conversation sounded into Avery’s ears.

Avery was shocked and walked out the door immediately. She quickly caught up with the two nurses who were talking just now, and grabbed the arm of one of the nurses.

“What kind of amnesiac? How can there be an operation to clear memory in this world?” She exclaimed sharply, “Who is your vice president?”

The two nurses recognized Avery and panicked.

“Ms. Tate, haven’t you been discharged from the hospital? Why haven’t you left?”

“Yes, I do plan to leave the hospital. My friend has gone to help me with the discharge procedures.” Avery took them both into her ward, “you guys tell me now, what happened to the amnestics? Why did Elliot do this surgery? Was he forced to do this surgery?”

“No! It was done voluntarily by Elliot. Ms. Tate, since you are his ex-wife, why don’t you ask him in person?”

“Didn’t you say that he did amnestics, and he didn’t remember me at all.” Avery wanted to cry, but the corners of her mouth twitched, “No wonder he seemed to be a different person last night. It was because of this.”

“Ms. Tate, I know you are very injured now, but this operation was really done voluntarily by Elliot. He wants to forget you. So he did this operation. This operation can only be done in our hospital, because it is a brand-new technology developed by our vice president. I tell you this, I already know everything. Please don’t trouble with our vice president.”

Facing the nurse’s prayer, Avery suddenly released the nurse’s arm. The two nurses ran away immediately.

After a while, Xander completed the discharge procedures and returned to the ward.

“Xander, I’m not out of the hospital. I have to stay here.” She looked apologetic.

Xander looked at a loss: “What happened? Why did you change your mind?”

Avery walked to the door of the ward and put the door closed.

“Have you heard of amnestics? I’ve never heard of it before, but today, I heard about it.” Avery told Xander what the nurse told her just now.

After hearing this, Xander was very surprised: “There is actually such an operation? I have never heard of it. Who researched it?”

“The vice president of this hospital. I will find a way to meet this vice president someday.”

Xander was amazed, “Take me with you when you meet vice president. It’s amazing. Elliot had this operation, so he didn’t remember you at all?”

Avery nodded: “If he still remembers me , he won’t be so indifferent to me last night. Kyrie must have said a lot of bad things about me in front of him, so he now treats me as an enemy. If I don’t care about him, he will definitely be turned into a puppet by Kyrie. I Don’t let Kyrie’s tricks succeed.”

Xander understood her feelings of wanting to save Elliot, but…

“You better do the surgery first. I’ll make an appointment for the operating room.” Xander said back to business.

“No, if I do the operation now, it will take a long time to recover after the operation… I don’t have that much time to delay.” She made a choice without thinking, “My tumor is not too big, and it can be done again. Delay for a while. I want to help Elliot recover his memory. When he recovers his memory, I will have an operation immediately.”

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