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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1265 by

Chapter 1265

Avery thought she heard it wrong.

Elliot said that what he lost, he wanted to get it all back.

–What he lost, is the Sterling Group?

“Elliot, since you said so, let’s settle the old accounts thoroughly tonight.” Avery grabbed his arm again, “I want to talk to you alone. Because this involves our privacy.”

Avery said after finishing, she drag him away from the crowd.

This is Kyrie’s home, wherever they go, there are Kyrie’s eyes and ears.

The two came to the backyard and stopped.

“Elliot, don’t talk yet, just listen to me.” Avery looked at him with tears in his eyes and explained to him, “I did talk to Henry at the beginning, and I would persuade you to transfer the equity to Adrian. That is Because I found Shea. Shea has kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant. Only Adrian’s kidney matches. But they hid Adrian, and I can’t find Adrian. And the situation on Shea’s side is different. It’s more critical.”

“I compromised in order to save Shea. The reason I didn’t tell you was because I was afraid that you would be forced to act too aggressively by them. Elliot, your equity was transferred to Adrian, not to transfer. To Henry or Cole. Adrian is now in Bridgedale, you come with me, we will pick up Adrian, I will let him return the equity to you. You are still the boss of Sterling Group, you have nothing to lose. We Live as before… okay?”

After she said all she had to say, she waited for him to respond. She was sure she had said all the key information.

She was very sure that after Elliot knew all this, he would not resent her anymore. Because no matter how unpleasant the process was, now Shea has recovered, and the equity he lost can be returned to him.

It means that Henry and his son were happy for nothing and got nothing.

The result was much better than she expected.

It’s just that Elliot misunderstood.

“Not good.” After a brief silence, Elliot gave a firm answer, “Put away your pretentious good intentions, I will take back my shares myself.”

“Elliot, what do you mean? What are you going to do?”

“I made it very clear in the front yard just now. I will make you pay a heavy price.” Elli was afraid that she would not hear clearly, so he grabbed her slender arm with his backhand, squeezed it tightly, and stared at her with black obsidian-like eyes. The voice came from a cold pool, “I won’t fall down twice in one place, and I won’t suffer two losses on the same woman. I, Elliot, completely cut off from the past.”

Avery looked at his eyes, the body can not stop shaking.

How could he do this? After he came to Yonroeville, what happened?

His face is still familiar, and his voice has not changed, but why did he become so cold-blooded and ruthless?

“Are you going to cut ties with me, or cut off your ties with your children? Or, do you want to cut ties with everyone in Aryadelle?” Avery choked up, tears pouring down, “Elliot! Who owes you? Who owes it? Don’t you want to Shea? You wrote in your notebook that the person you cared about most died, isn’t it Shea? She is not dead. She will be discharged from the hospital soon. Do you want to cut ties with her too? “

Looking at her trembling little face crying, Elliot heart doesn’t seem to hurt at all.

Elliot doesn’t seem to have woken up from his numbness, and is now just a cold-blooded revenge machine.

“My relatives or friends were originally mine, and will be mine in the future. Only you, nothing.” Elliot said indifferently, and pushed her arm away.

Avery’s body was stressed, and she staggered backwards suddenly, and fell straight down.

Her spine was injected with anesthesia today, and the injection port was still aching. And when she had an angiography today, the femoral artery was punctured, and now the wound is still very painful.

She was supposed to rest in the hospital for 24 hours, but she was forced out of the hospital because she was going to see him.

Unexpectedly, this was the result.

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