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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1258 by

Chapter 1258

In the video, Avery’s eyes flowed and he was in high spirits. She answered the reporter’s questions fluently, with confidence between her eyebrows and eyes.

Looking at her face, listening to her voice, Elliot head suddenly ached. There was a sudden white light in his mind, as if something exploded.

He put down the phone, held his head in his hands, squatted down in pain, panting heavily and unsteadily.


Hayden brought Gwen back from outside.

Seeing them coming back so quickly, Mrs. Cooper was a little surprised: “The surgery is over?”

Hayden didn’t want to face Gwen for a second, so he went back to the room immediately.

Gwen shook her head: “I didn’t do it.”

“Why didn’t I do it? The doctor doesn’t have time today?” Mrs. Cooper said, “I said why so fast.”

“Mrs. Cooper, is Hayden rich? The doctor asked me why I had an abortion. I said I didn’t have the money to support the child. In the end, Hayden told me that if I just wanted to have an abortion for this reason, then I could think about it again. Because he is willing to give me money to support the child.”

Mrs. Cooper was shocked.

“Does Hayden really have a lot of money? Otherwise, why did he say that to me?” In Gwen’s opinion, what kind of money can a child under the age of ten have?

Even if he has money, it is just the annual lucky money.

“Gwen, Hayden should be quite rich. Since he said he wants to give you money to raise your children, he will definitely do what he says.” Mrs. Cooper felt complicated, “Hey, now that Elliot is not here, Hayden has to take on the heavy responsibility of the whole family.”

“I feel so ashamed when you say that.” Gwen blushed.

“Does your child really belong to Ben Schaffer?” Mrs. Cooper wondered, “Is Ben Schaffer so irresponsible?”

Gwen lowered her head, not knowing how to explain.

“Let’s talk about your business when Avery comes back. Also, I didn’t expect Hayden to be so kind to you. He has a very slow personality.”

“I can see that Ben Schaffer seems to be cold to everyone.” Gwen shrugged, “Although he has a dark face, he has a good heart.”

“Your brother, Elliot is the same. It’s a pity…” Mrs. Cooper paused when she said this.

Gwen knew that she was sad about Elliot, so she changed the subject: “Are you going to make lunch? Let me help you. I’m very good at cooking.”

Mrs. Cooper nodded: “Okay.”

At this time, Ben Schaffer drove over. He went to the modeling agency where Gwen worked before. He wanted to find out who was the woman he slept in the hotel that night.

Gwen did not deny that the child in his womb was his, this incident pierced his heart like a thorn, making him particularly uncomfortable.

When he arrived at the model company, he didn’t explain his intention, but just asked the boss to call all the female models.

After about half an hour, all the female models lined up in front of him.

The fat-headed male boss said with a flattering smile: “Mr. Schaffer, which one do you like, take it away directly.”

Ben Schaffer looked over all the female models one by one, and his heart became a ball.

That night, the lights were not turned on, so he had no idea what the woman looked like. Moreover, the woman didn’t say a word that night, and he didn’t know what the woman’s voice was like.

He only vaguely remember that in the dim vision, He saw that the woman had long hair. But the group of women in front of them basically have long hair.

Ben Schaffer couldn’t find any clues, so he could only show off with the fat-headed man: “Who was the woman you sent to my room before? Don’t go around in circles with me, if you lie, I have a way to keep you from hanging out in Aryadelle. “

The fat-headed man was so frightened that his legs were weak: “President Schaffer, how dare I lie to you. You suddenly found the woman that night…Is there something wrong? Was it because she didn’t serve you that night? Or… …..She served you so well that night, do you still want it?”

“I’ll just answer the fcking question you ask.” Ben Schaffer kicked the coffee table in front of him with his feet, furious, ” It’s all your fcking good work! Even if you want to make trouble, I will only trouble you!”

The fat-headed man was so frightened that he thumped and knelt on the ground: “Mr. Schaffer, the truth is, I will serve you that night. The woman in my hands is no longer under my control. I thought you took care of her.”

“She is not under your care? Where has she gone? Tell me, her name.” Ben Schaffer stood up from the sofa and glared angrily at him.

The fat-headed man stammered: “She’s been with you a few times, why don’t you know who it is? It’s Gwen.”

Ben Schaffer: “!!!”

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