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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1255 by

Chapter 1255

Although Elliot woke up late, his physical condition recovered better after waking up.

He should have continued to stay in the hospital for a few days for observation, but he didn’t want to stay in the hospital, so he was discharged today.

“Elliot, the doctor said that it’s normal that you can’t remember things right now. After a few days, your memory will gradually be restored.” Kyrie supported him, wanting him to go to bed and rest.

After Elliot sat down by the bed, he pushed Kyrie Jobin’s hand away.

“Recover my past memories?” Elliot opened his thin lips lightly, and said these words in a hoarse voice, his shrewd eyes rolled darkly, “You mean, I have lost my memory?”

Kyrie looked at his cold expression. The appearance of unabated vigor, drumming in his heart.

Because Kyrie couldn’t guess what he remembered now, and what part of his memory he had lost.

After waking up from surgery, Elliot rarely spoke. The doctor asked him questions, and he hardly answered.

But a brain examination was performed on him, and his brain was normal, nothing abnormal. So the doctor privately concluded that he should remember the past, but he may not remember certain things.

This sentence is judged, said is equal to not said.

“You had a minor operation. you did this operation voluntarily. Your signature is on the operation sheet.” Kyrie held a chair and sat down in front of him and said.

“What operation?” Elliot’s head hurts a little now, and he can’t think hard.

“Part of the amnesiac surgery.” Kyrie showed him the surgical drape. “This is a state-of-the-art surgery, and it has not been popularized yet. Because you are in pain, you chose to have this surgery.”

“Why am I in pain?” Elliot took the surgical drape and glanced at it.

“Do you remember the name Avery?” Kyrie stared at his face, not letting go of any subtle expressions on his face.

Whether the operation is successful or not depends on his answer to this question.

“I don’t remember. What happened to her?” Elliot answered quickly.

Kyrie sighed in relief. It appears that the operation was very successful.

Elliot loves Avery so much but now, he doesn’t remember it.

Kyrie gritted his teeth and said, “She is your enemy. She ruined you.”

“Impossible!” Elliot clenched his fingers tightly. Knead the surgical drape into a ball. He couldn’t have been ruined by a woman.

“Elliot, do you still remember that you are the boss of the Sterling Group?” Kyrie took his arm.

Elliot nodded as he rememberered. He is the boss of the Sterling Group. He is the youngest and most promising entrepreneur in Aryadelle, and he has topped the list of the richest people in Aryadelle for many consecutive years! Everyone looks up to him.

He is the unattainable god of Aryadelle.

None of those who tried to take his property and assassinate him succeeded. In the end, they all died under his hands.

“You are no longer the boss of the Sterling Group. If you don’t believe me, you can read the news online.” Kyrie handed him his mobile phone, “Avery took everything from you. She took advantage of your love for her, Swallowed your company and gave it to another man. You were heartbroken and came here to find me. Elliot, I didn’t want to tell you this, I was afraid of evoking your painful memories. But I have to explain it to you Clear your mind, so that you can start a new life again.”

“Are you sure I’m being tricked by a woman?” Elliot clutched the phone tightly, murderous aura in his eyes.

Kyrie reassured, “Of course you’re not that stupid. She gave birth to three children for you. She used your three children to eat away your body step by step, control your mind, and finally take it away. All of you.”

“Three children…” Elliot murmured, “I have three children?”

“Yes. Now the custody of these three children is in Avery’s hands. If you want to get your children back, You must become strong.” Kyrie opened the bloody reality to him, “You have nothing now. You are not her opponent at all.”

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