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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1254 by

Chapter 1254

The moment Avery saw the results of the examination, her body was weightless, and the strength in her body was drained, as if she was about to fall down at any time.

Seeing her face ashen, the bodyguard was so frightened that the alarm bell rang.

“Boss, don’t you have a terminal illness, are you going to die?” The bodyguard considered whether to be more euphemistic before saying this. But he hadn’t thought about it yet, and the words came out first.

Because Avery’s face was so gloomy. It gives the feeling that the sky is about to collapse.

“It’s not a terminal illness.” Avery answered him firmly, “You don’t have to worry. Even if I die, Mike will pay you your monthly salary.”

The bodyguard couldn’t help laughing: “Boss, I’m not worried about my salary… ..hey, well, I do get a little worried. You’re the best boss I’ve ever had in my career and I don’t want you to die. As long as you don’t die, I can follow you for the rest of my life.”

Avery: “I try to live as long as possible.”

“Thank you.” The bodyguard supported her and said cautiously, “Would you like to see the doctor? Let’s see what the doctor has to say.”

“No. The qualifications of the doctors here are not as good as those of my junior brothers and junior sisters.”

“Okay. Then What are you going to do? You can’t operate on yourself, you have to find a doctor.” The bodyguard could not wait to send her to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Avery’s face was completely bloodless, and her voice was not as energetic as before. Anyone who looked at her could see at a glance that she was seriously ill.

“I’ll contact the doctor. Let’s go back to the hotel now.” Avery pushed the bodyguard’s arm away and said, “I’m fine now, I can walk by myself.”

“Oh, what’s wrong with you? Are you sure you won’t tell me, Is it?” The bodyguard was confused and had no clue.

Avery: “You don’t understand when you say it.”

The bodyguard: “Okay! Then are you sure you don’t tell Mike?”

Avery: “He doesn’t understand when I say it.”

Bodyguard: “…”

“If you use light, medium, and Let’s distinguish the illness again, my illness belongs to ‘moderate’.” Seeing that the bodyguard was really worried, Avery told him in an easy-to-understand way.

The bodyguard nodded sharply, feeling very disappointed: “It means that there is a possibility of death.”

“Any disease has a possibility of death. Even a common cold has a possibility of death.” Avery advised him.

The bodyguard: “D*mn it! Don’t scare me.”

“Let’s go back to the hotel.” Avery felt a little frustrated, “I originally asked you to accompany me to find Elliot, but now I asked you to accompany me to see a doctor.”

“Boss, don’t said that. I’d rather accompany you to see a doctor. After all, I heard that Kyrie is a very scary person. I’m still a little afraid of death.” The bodyguard said what he said in his heart.

Avery sighed. She don’t know if she can still find Elliot.

The medical resources in Yonroeville are relatively backward, and reason told her that she should return to Aryadelle or go to Bridgedale for treatment now, which is the best choice.

But she didn’t find Elliot, she didn’t want to leave here.

There is only one way now, and that is to ask a doctor to come here to treat her.


Furnished in a modern minimalist villa.

Elliot was sent to the bedroom. His sharp eyes like falcons looked at the surrounding environment. Today is the day after he woke up after surgery.

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      1. If Kyrie shows the notepad which is I doubt it. Even if Elliot didn’t write Avery’s name they’re still connected because of their children. He might forget her name but that’s impossible to erase everything that linked to her 🤦🏻‍♀️

  1. Getting entangled by the crazy way the story moves. So many unexpected things. Will both lose memory but both will fall in love again, or sth like that??

  2. This is starting to make me soo nervous like omggg I want them to be together again like why would he do the damn surgery 😒

  3. Jackie Daniel

    Are you going to let us get to the end of all this chaos without writing another whole book??? OMG! Enough already.

    I’m about 9 1/2 hrs different in your time, so it’s like torture to read 4-5 chapters and have to hunt for 4-5 more and never seem to get anything resolved.

    Everyone seems to be interested in the book but it’s taking so long to get anything resolved that everyone is f frustrated. Please bring this to an end soon.

    1. I agree! It’s starting to really drag on. With elliot having the surgery to erase his memory, and now with avery possibly having some moderately serious illness, it feels like this will never end!

      I hope that instead of the surgery working on elliot, it didn’t, and that he remembers everything and he suspects that Kyrie wants to do something bad. Or that Hayden can hack into Kyrie’s computer or cameras to find elliot. Now THAT would be a good plot twist.

      1. Alla, yes now that would be a great plot twist! It’s hard to continue reading when there’s nothing but pain and suffering for Elliot and Avery.

        1. LJSO,
          I know! I’m ready for avery and elliot to finally work together to get rid of the villains, instead of trying to do it by themselves. They’d be so much stronger if they teamed up.
          I’m ready for some good things to happen to them both. They’ve been through so much together.

      1. Do you perhaps know the original name of the book and the author? Please, let me know if you do. Thank you!

  4. There needs to be more like if we really had the book infront of us we wouldn’t have a problem. Having to keep looking for more chapters to read all the time as it feels like nothing is quite moving as it should!!!

    1. Lol I thought you quit reading since Elliot had operation😃 yeah I hate looking for update on every platform. I’m sick of it but can’t help to browse to read. I wish they would post the complete version.

    1. We just have to wait for them to post it. I have been reading this from the start. We get some chapters added each day. I google for updates each day on all sites. 0 0pll

  5. What a lame storyline when Elliot went to Kyrie and decided to get a surgery 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Who will do that? I mean seriously?!

  6. What we know she’s been translating this novel. What I want to know is. What is the original title of this novel without the translation. Maybe from there we can find out which book and country of origin. Do I make any sense? 🤔

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