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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1251 by

Chapter 1251

Avery keenly judged that there might be something wrong with her body. She has not been on her period recently, nor has she suffered any trauma or bleeding. How can the data be like this?

She has a severe headache recently, maybe she needs to go to the hospital for a brain CT.

As a neurologist, she is very sensitive to diseases of the brain.

If it is a disease of the brain, it is troublesome.



Ben Schaffer came out of the airport and went straight to his home. He didn’t tell his parents about his return in advance, so Russell was very surprised to see him back.

“Ben Schaffer, you came back just in time. What happened to Elliot?” Russell asked.

Ben Schaffer angrily asked, “Where’s my mother? Where is Gwen?! Where are the two of them?”

Russell saw his son’s angry face, and immediately said, “Oh, your mother took Gwen out to buy clothes. By the way, what kind of expression is this? You want to eat people?”

“Who am I to eat? Don’t you want to eat me? Who is Gwen, you may not understand. The child in her womb is not mine. You let me Isn’t it a big joke to marry her?” Ben Schaffer sat down beside his father.

Russell: “Gwen said she was pregnant with your child.”

“I haven’t slept with her before, how could she be pregnant with my child?” Ben Schaffer had a splitting headache, wishing to open his mouth to justify himself, “I will take her now. Call back, I’m going to confront her.”

“Wait.” Russell was stunned for a moment, and said, “Gwen didn’t seem to say that the child is yours. It’s your mother who thinks the child is yours. Because Gwen didn’t say no, So your mother thinks the child is yours.”

“It’s really confusing. If the child was mine, how could I not know? If the child was mine, I would have…” Ben Schaffer said.

His mind went blank and he didn’t know what to say.

Russell raised his eyebrows: “What happened to you long ago? Married her long ago? How many times has your mother urged you over the years, but you always said that you didn’t meet the right one, and would rather not get married than do it soon.”

“Yes, It’s the same attitude now. Even if the child in Gwen’s womb is mine, I will not marry her. She is too scheming and too shrewd. It’s clear that the baby in her womb is not mine, why didn’t she tell you all? She deliberately misunderstood you and asked you to force me to marry her and treat our whole family as fools?” Ben Schaffer’s angry voice spread outside the door.

Juniper and Gwen came back from shopping and heard Ben’s words before entering the door.

Juniper looked embarrassed and looked at Gwen: “Gwen, isn’t your child from Ben Schaffer?”

Today, Juniper took Gwen to buy a lot of new clothes and bought her some jewelry.

Gwen pushed and refused several times, but she really couldn’t, so she accepted it all.

Unexpectedly, Ben Schaffer came back.

Ben Schaffer looked at the new clothes on Gwen’s body and the jewelry on her hands with disgust: “Gwen, I see your second brother’s face and tolerate you everywhere, but that doesn’t mean I will allow you to be with me. Chaos in front of my parents.” After a pause, he shouted sharply, “You move out of my house immediately.”

Gwen’s cheeks were burning hot.

The new clothes on the body, the bracelet on the wrist, like a burning red iron, has become a shame.

Half an hour later, she took a taxi to the Starry River Villa.

Mrs. Cooper heard the doorbell and came out.

Seeing Gwen, Mrs. Cooper was stunned for a moment, then opened the courtyard door.

Although this was the first time Mrs. Cooper saw Gwen. She had seen Gwen’s photos and Know that she is Elliot’s sister.

Mrs. Cooper led Gwen into the room and introduced Hayden in the living room: “Hayden, her name is Gwen, she is your father’s sister, you should call her Aunty.”

Hayden glanced at her, and the word ‘Aunty’ really shouted Do not export.

“Gwen, don’t you live in Ben Schaffer’s house?” Mrs. Cooper asked.

“He kicked me out.” Gwen lowered her head and choked, “I don’t have a place to go now.”

“Oh, then you should stay here for now. I’ll talk about it when Avery comes back. I’ll make dinner first, and wait a while. I’ll clean up your room.”

After Mrs. Cooper left, Hayden looked at Gwen and asked, “Why did Uncle Russell drive you out?”

Gwen’s grievance broke out in an instant: “I’m pregnant with his child, but he hates me.”

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