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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1250 by

Chapter 1250

There are many of them and they walk very fast, so Avery can’t see who the person in the wheelchair is at all. Those bodyguards were burly and completely covered the person in the wheelchair.

So Avery couldn’t even see the back. She had a strong premonition in her heart that the person in the wheelchair was Elliot. Her heart was beating violently.

She seemed to have smelled Elliot’s breath. She ran uncontrollably towards the rolling elevator. She’s going to see who’s in that wheelchair.

When she came down from the second floor, the person in the wheelchair had been pushed into the RV by the bodyguard.

She saw the RV door slam shut.

She saw nothing.

The bodyguards ‘whoosh’ and got into different cars.

Soon, several cars rushed out like sharp swords.

She felt like someone had pressed the pause button, no sound came out of her throat, she could only watch them disappear.

After being dazed for a few seconds, a thought flashed through her mind quickly.

The cars were heading in the direction of Kyrie’s house.

If the man in the wheelchair is Elliot, then they must have gone to Kyrie’s house.

Avery could get the answer now as long as she went to Kyrie’s house.

In the hospital.

After waiting for a while, the bodyguard got Avery’s laboratory test.

The bodyguard glanced at the list, and there were several data items in red font, which should indicate that these data were abnormal. But he couldn’t understand the impact of these abnormal data. He took the list and went to Avery.

Avery originally told him that she was going to have a CT scan of the lungs, but the bodyguard waited outside the CT room for a long time without waiting for her.

He immediately took out his cell phone and dialed Avery.

Avery answered the phone: “I’m outside now, you are waiting for me at the hospital, I’ll go back soon.”

The bodyguard asked, “Why did you run outside? Where are you now? I’ll find you.”

“I’m near Kyrie’s house. I plan to go back to the hospital immediately.” Avery squatted outside Kyrie’s house for a while, but did not see the cars she saw in the hospital.

She suspected herself of being paranoid. The person in the wheelchair might not be Elliot.

“Boss, can you tell me something first? You run around like this, it’s hard for me to do it. If something happens to you, Mike will trouble me.” The bodyguard complained.

Avery said, “I’m your boss, why should I report my whereabouts to you.”

“Because I want to protect you. If I don’t know where you are, how can I protect you?” The bodyguard’s words made Avery silent for a moment: ” I was in a hurry to leave. I thought I found Elliot, so I forgot to tell you.”

“Are you hallucinating? If Elliot was still alive and he saw the news of his death in the sky, do you think he would be indifferent?” The bodyguard raised his doubts, “There is something wrong with your test results, I will take a picture for you to see. You go back to the hospital immediately.”

Avery: “Okay.”

After hanging up, Avery saw the photo sent by the bodyguard.

She zoomed in on the picture and saw her unusual data.

She was anemic and had coagulation abnormalities.

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