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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1245 by

Chapter 1245

Avery turned her back to him and didn’t answer his words. She said just now that she had a headache and thought she might die of illness, which was true.

Missing Elliot became a heartbreaker, which led to depression and suicide, which is also true.

From childhood to adulthood, every time she encounters difficulties and setbacks, she will do psychological construction for herself in her heart and redeem herself.

But this time, she was so tired. Even though there are still three children to take care of, she is willing, but powerless.

After dinner, Mike asked the doctor for a checklist and put it on the cabinet.

Avery was lying on the bed, looking at her mobile phone.

“Didn’t you say headache? I asked the nurse for some painkillers for you.” Mike handed her the medicine, “Would you like to take one?”

“I’m feeling better now.” Avery said, “You take the medicine Put it on the table, and I’ll eat it later when I have a headache.”

“Don’t play with your phone. The news about Elliot on the Internet is overwhelming, and it’s disgusting. Don’t make yourself unhappy.” Mike stood beside the hospital bed and reminded her.

“I didn’t watch the news. I was replying to a friend’s message.” She showed him the screen of her phone. “Many people send me messages, but I can’t help but reply.”

“There are still many people who care about you. The world is not gone. No one can run.”

“Well, without Elliot, the sun will still rise. Without me, the earth rotates on its own.” Avery seemed to be answering his question seriously, and seemed to be joking.

As soon as his scalp exploded, he always felt that her words meant: I’m going to die with Elliot. After all, the world can’t run without anyone.

“Avery!” Mike shouted angrily.

“Have you taken a shower?” Avery said tepidly. “You smell of sweat. Even if you don’t have any clothes on, why don’t you take a shower? Otherwise, if you stay in the same house for one night, I don’t care. You are dizzy.”

Mike gritted his teeth and turned to go to the bathroom.

Avery put down the phone after replying the message. Pick up the painkiller from the table and swallow it.

She took medicine and got a good night’s sleep.

The same moment.

Tammy received Avery’s reply message.

“Husband, what does Avery mean when she says she’s fine?” Tammy didn’t believe Avery was fine now.

“She was afraid that you would be worried, so she said she was fine.” Jun translated, “I can’t contact Brother Ben right now, so it can be seen that the situation in Yonroeville is definitely not good.”

“She said she was going to sleep, I still think Let’s call her. Forget it, I’ll call her tomorrow.” Tammy was worried, “If she was crying, I wouldn’t be so worried. But she said she was fine… .”

“Little sweet, I understand what you mean. But since she said she was going to sleep, it means that she doesn’t want to be disturbed now. You can contact her again tomorrow.”


The next morning.

In ther hospital.

The doctor pushed open Avery’s ward door, walked to Mike’s side, and patted him awake.

“Where’s Avery?” The doctor asked, looking at the empty hospital bed.

Mike slept on the side of the bed.

Hearing the doctor’s words, he looked at the empty bed and was shocked.

“The results of her blood test came out yesterday. There are several abnormal data, and further examination is necessary.” The doctor said, “Go and find her quickly.”

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    1. Different villains keep appearing after each episode, same story..neverending.. either back with vengeance, hatred, jealousy, greed or whatever it takes just to keep Elliot and Avery apart. Their happiness is short-lived! The latest villain being Kyrie .. Elliot a shrewd businessman easily being misled and manipulated..

  1. Avery will find him and maybe cause she is a neurosurgeon she will reverse the surgery and get him back to normal.

  2. More chapters please! And can you please inform us if the novel is still ongoing or has it been completed yet?

  3. These are ongoing, they don’t have an end yet.. So many complaining.. Stop reading it then.. The author can write as many chapters as he wants… Not very nice reading the complaints but yet here you are reading a book for FREE

    1. Shut up everyone is entitled to their own opinion.if you don’t like what we say then don’t read our comments freedom of speech.

  4. This story better not end up like Romeo and Juliet.

    Why on earth would elliot get the surgery? I know he felt betrayed, but he has 3 kids! Writing their names on a paper won’t help if someone takes the paper away!

    Avery should have told him about Shea right away! She would have saved a lot of heartache! I hope she goes back and confronts kyrie. She needs to find out that elliot is alive!

    I’m really hoping this novel doesn’t drag on for another 1000 chapters.

  5. A nice ending will be appreciated where Avery and Elliot get together, Shea and Adrian both get healed and the villains such as Wanda and others get their punishment.

  6. Where’s Avery gone to now? She’s not well and need more investigations.
    She needs a break. Now Wanda is roaming around. She might might be plotting something. The children are so unsafe.This is unbelievable.

  7. Yes I hate where this has gone. For Sheas sake and the kids. Hopefully Avery can find him ( I doubt they will ever be a couple again) but maybe he can see Shea and at least that part will come back to him. And I hope eventually even Hayden will care for him. I think he is going to play a roll in getting Elliot back. I know this is annoying but please more chapters. I don’t know if I have said this before. But I can honestly say this is the first book I have sat down to read and keep interested in for over 25 like everyone else.please more pages. Thank you

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