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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1244 by

Chapter 1244

Sure enough, then the mother left, and now Elliot is gone. In the end, she will also leave this world. All the stories and rumors about her in this world will fade little by little with the passage of time. Until the end, all the marks about her existence in this world disappeared.

Like Big Brother said, if death is beyond the time limit, then she hopes that there will never be an afterlife.

About an hour later, Juniper came over after hearing the news.

Mike was a little surprised when he saw Juniper.

“Ben Schaffer called me, I asked Avery, he said she had returned to Aryadelle, and I said I wanted to see her…”

“Oh, Ben Schaffer did call me just now to ask where we were.” Mike said, “Avery has just gone down with her fever. Because of Elliot, her mental state is not very good. I’ll go and ask her first.”

“Okay, tell her that I’m here for Gwen’s business.” Juniper said.

Mike was at a loss, but he went in and conveyed what Juniper meant.

Within two minutes, Mike opened the door of the ward and let Juniper go in.

Avery leaned against the head of the bed, holding her spirits strong.

“Avery, are you okay?” Juniper put the fruits and flowers she brought on the cabinet, then sat down beside the hospital bed, “You may not remember me, when you married Elliot, I went to your wedding scene.”

“Why don’t I remember you? I talked to you at that time.” Avery put on a smile.

“Well, I heard that you are not feeling well, so I came to see you. Avery, you are still young, and you still have a long way to go. Don’t be defeated by the pain at the moment. Ben Schaffer and Elliot are as close as brothers, even if he is not there. Now, if you have any difficulties in the future, just say something, and Ben Schaffer will definitely help you.”

“I know.” Avery asked, “What happened to Gwen?”

“Isn’t she pregnant with Ben Schaffer’s child? Ben Schaffer is not at home now, so I discussed it with his father. Gwen is Elliot’s younger sister, we can’t treat her badly, So we are going to let Ben Schaffer marry Gwen. I talked to Gwen, what Gwen means is that although Elliot is gone, you are still here, and you have to listen to this matter. “

Avery was startled by this incident.

Gwen’s child is indeed from Ben Schaffer.

“Did she really say that?” Avery didn’t expect Gwen to leave the decision to her.

Juniper: “Yes, after all, she is not old and has no elders around, so she is more dependent on you now.”

Avery: “If she decides to give birth to a child, it is naturally better to live with Ben Schaffer. I believe that Ben Schaffer will look at Elliot. Treat her kindly in the face of her.”

Juniper: “Avery, I am relieved to hear your words. You can rest assured in the hospital to recuperate. Ben Schaffer will help with Elliot’s funeral. We will come again when this matter is over. Discuss the marriage of Gwen and Ben Schaffer. What do you think? “

Avery nodded.

After Juniper left, Mike strode in.

“What happened to Gwen?” Mike asked.

“Can I go?” Avery glanced at the ward, feeling depressed, and wanted to leave here.

“You can’t go.” Mike walked over to the hospital bed. “The doctor drew your blood and took it for a test. You have to live here until the results come out.”

Avery sighed and lay down on the hospital bed again.

“Mike, my head hurts… I may not live long.” Avery whispered, “If I die of illness, I will give you all my property, you just need to help me take care of my three children and grow up Just anyone.”

Mike listened to her babbling about this, and his head also started to hurt.

“Does your head really hurt that much?” Mike sat down by the bed and grabbed her arm with his big palms, “It’s a pity that I can’t do the test today, so I can only do it tomorrow. I’ll go and ask the doctor to give you an order first. I’ll take you to do it.”

Averyt retracted her arm and changed her frustrated attitude: “I’m fine… I’m a little sleepy, I’ll sleep for a while.”

“Avery, Ben Schaffer let you escape once, I Stay in the ward tonight, you have a good rest, and don’t want to go anywhere.” Mike said firmly, “When you wake up tomorrow, go for a general examination, I want to see if you are really dying of illness.”

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