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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1237 by

Chapter 1237

Hayden looked at his face and asked keenly, “Is Elliot dead?”

Chad was stuck in his throat and replied, “Hayden, as the eldest son in the family, you need to take care of your sister’s emotions at this time. Because your mother…”

“What happened to my mother?” Hayden frowned, worried.

“Your mother fainted. When she wakes up, I’m afraid the real pain will begin.”

Hayden suddenly lowered his eyes, unable to hide the sadness in his eyes.

Chad watched him carry his schoolbag and silently went upstairs to go back to his room, a feeling of grief arose spontaneously.

How hopeful that something can be done to alleviate the damage caused by this bad news.

But when I calmed down, I found that my heart was also riddled with holes.

After Elliot transferred the shares of the Sterling Group, Chad never really felt that Elliot left the Sterling Group. So he still works normally every day. He believed that Elliot would definitely come back in the near future.

Unexpectedly, this is the result. He didn’t know if he could return to the Sterling Group to work normally as usual.

If parents and teachers shaped him when he was a student, then Elliot shaped a brand new him when he was working.

Many people say that Elliot is indifferent, ruthless, and arbitrary towards people and things, but only those who really get along with him know that he is a man with flesh and blood.



Avery woke up slowly after falling asleep for several hours. She looked at the unfamiliar room, a little lost.

Her mind was blank, She can’t remember what happened, but she can clearly feel the pain from her heart.

After Ben Schaffer made a phone call, he returned to the room from the balcony.

Seeing Avery’s eyes open, Ben Schaffer immediately walked to the bed.

“Avery, Mike is here to pick you up. When he arrives, you can go back to Aryadelle with him.”

“Why did he pick me up?” Avery stared at Ben Schaffer, “Where am I? Why are you in the same room as me?”

Ben Schaffer gasped sharply. He held the phone, his arms raised and lowered.

Here is the hotel.

After she fainted, he took her to the hospital emergency room. After the doctor took a look, he asked him to take her to rest, and she would wake up when the rest was over.

But although she wakes up now, her mental state is worrying.

Is she amnesia?

Ben Schaffer said sharply, “Avery! Please cheer up. Chad called me just now and said that your child is very sad, and you must return to Aryadelle as soon as possible to soothe the child’s emotions. “If Elliot was still alive, he would definitely not want to watch it. You look so sluggish.”

Ben Schaffer’s words made Avery remember everything.

The memory loss just now seemed to be a self-protection mechanism activated by the body.

“I see. I’m sober. I can go home… I’m taking him home with me.” She quickly got out of bed.

Ben Schaffer pressed her back.

“Look at the weather outside. It’s still raining. The weather forecast shows that it will rain for the next three days.” Ben Schaffer would never let her leave the hotel, “You still have three If you die too…”

“Shut up. Ben Schaffer, shut up for me.” Avery’s cheeks were flushed, and she bit her every word, “I don’t want to die for love. I’m not going to die. I just want to see his body to believe he really left me.”

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