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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1233 by

Chapter 1233

“I can’t even remember who the mothers of your two brothers are, how can I remember who your mother is? Don’t be delusional, the women I played with when I was young were all the meanest chickens, if you ran away You won’t get any benefit by recognizing relatives, but you will be sucked blood by your trash mother.”

Gwen felt a chill in her heart after hearing his father words.

“Everyone has the right to hate me, but you and your eldest brother have no right. How can you two survive until now?” Nathan still thinks he has a clear conscience for these two children.

“Visit time is over.” After the police spoke, they took Nathan away.

Gwen looked at Nathan’s slightly hunched back, his eyes couldn’t help but get wet.

Nathan is no longer the tall, violent and frightening man in her eyes. He is not a qualified father. He has never loved her like a normal father, but it is undeniable that she was raised by him.

Gwen lied to him when she said she would throw away his ashes just now. She did not contact the crematorium staff at all. She said that on purpose to make his father angry. She wanted to see if he would be frightened and came to beg her.

After coming out of the detention center, Gwen stopped a car on the side of the road and reported the address of Ben Schaffer’s home.

After she told Ben Schaffer that she wanted to go to school, Ben Schaffer found her the admission brochures of two universities and let her choose.

Although she has been quarreling with Ben Schaffer, Ben Schaffer took what she said to heart, which moved her very much. She was determined not to live the same life as before. Avery said that life is yours, and the path you choose to take is entirely up to you.

Back at Schaffer’s house, Gwen entered the door code. After the courtyard door opened, the black car parked in the courtyard attracted her attention.

This was not Ben Schaffer’s car.

When Gwen came out of the house, the car was not in the yard. She crossed the yard anxiously and walked to the door of the villa.

Before she could press the code, the door was pulled open from the inside. A man with kind eyes and facial features like Ben Schaffer appeared in front of her.

Gwen immediately guessed that this was Ben Schaffer’s father.

Gwen: “Hello, uncle.”

“You are Gwen, Come in.” Russell Schaffer invited her into the room.

After entering the house, she saw Juniper sitting on the sofa and was drinking tea.

“Gwen, come here.” Juniper glanced at Gwen calmly, “I came over today with your uncle and saw a woman’s luggage in the guest room, we didn’t know you lived here, Ben Schaffer last time Said that after you moved out, you didn’t tell me that you moved back again. So I accidentally flipped through your luggage and saw this.”

Juniper picked up a color ultrasound form from the coffee table.

This is the color Doppler ultrasound that Gwen did when she went to the hospital for an examination. It was confirmed that there is a gestational sac in the body.

“Auntie, this is mine.” Gwen walked over and took the ultrasound form.

“Well, your name is written on it. Gwen, can you tell me about the child in your womb…”

“I can’t tell you.” Gwen didn’t want to lie to her or tell her frank.

Her relationship with Ben Schaffer was too embarrassing. If Ben Schaffer knew that the child belonged to him, he would definitely be tougher to let her get rid of it.

“Oh… Does Ben Schaffer know about this?” The smile on Juniper’s face disappeared.

“he knows.”

“He knew you were pregnant, and he let you live in. It seems that you are pregnant with his child. Haha! That’s great. I knew you two were having fun.” Juniper laughed excitedly, suddenly remembering the news of Elliot’s death, “Hey, I heard about your brother, don’t be too sad, don’t move the fetal gas. If you give birth to this child, everything in Ben Schaffer will be your child’s in the future, and your child’s will be yours.”

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