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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1228 by

Chapter 1228

Elliot Won’t Die and Avery won’t die either. She won’t let Cole’s tricks succeed.

After adjusting her emotions, she came to the inpatient department. She happened to see Mike coming out of Shea’s ward with Layla and Hayden.

“Mom.” Layla saw her and strode toward her.

Avery opened her arms and took her daughter into her arms.

“Mom, I miss you so much. Do you miss me?” Layla acted like a spoiled child in Avery’s arms.

“Of course mom misses you. If you don’t come back, mom will find you.” Avery kissed her daughter’s soft cheek.

“Mom, we saw Shea. Shea knew my dad wasn’t her brother, and she cried. But we coaxed her.” Layla told her mother one by one what happened, “Wait for Shea to be discharged from the hospital. Now, let her live with us.”

“Yes. But mom has to go to find your dad first.” Avery frankly told the child, “Mom will go to Yonroeville next. No matter if you can find your dad or not, mom will be there for you. Come back once a month.”

Layla’s mouth shrunk suddenly: “I come back once a month, but only twelve times a year, what if I can’t find my father?”

Avery was stunned for a moment: “If you still can’t find him at the end of the year, then I won’t look for him yet.”

“If you don’t look for him, does that mean he’ll never come back?” Layla suddenly felt uncomfortable. “I finally recognized my father, but it didn’t take long for my father to leave. Was it doomed that I couldn’t have a father?”

“Layla, Mom can’t answer your question. Your dad is an adult, not a child. He might come back, or he might never come back.” Avery said with a stiff smile on her lips. “Mom will take you to dinner first.”

They found a restaurant near the hospital for dinner.

Hayden took out a golden trophy from his schoolbag and handed it to Avery.

“Mom, I give it to you.”

Avery took the trophy and saw the Gold Award of the Hacker Cup Contest written on it.

“Didn’t you reject the competition?” Avery was very surprised.

“Later, the teacher persuaded me alone, So I participated in the finals.” Hayden lowered his eyes and said.

Avery Holding the trophy in her arms and said, “Hayden, you are really amazing. Mom knew that your qualification test was based on strength, and it has nothing to do with your father. Mom is proud of you.”

“Mom, I will become a very powerful person in the future. I also want you to be proud of me.” Layla frowned and said solemnly.

Mike interjected coolly, “Your mother is proud of you every day. Eat first. I’ll take you back to rest after dinner. Your uncle Eric will come to pick you up tomorrow. Your mother will also go to Yonroeville. Now, my brother Hayden and I are left alone.”

Hayden: “I have activities in the summer vacation, so I don’t have time to play with you.”

Mike: “???”

“Don’t you want to go back to the company?” Avery looked to him, “Elliot is left and Wanda will most likely return to Aryadelle.”

Mike: “If you hadn’t told me, I would have almost forgotten about this old woman. She has been hiding in Bridgedale for so long, and there is no sound at all, and she can bear it.”

Avery said lightly, “Otherwise, how could she have achieved what she is now? Before my father died, can you imagine that she had no other hobbies besides beauty and playing cards every day? Widowhood opened her new life.”

Mike gave a thumbs up: “Sometimes falling in love does affect work. Look at how good your career was before you made up with Elliot. After making up with him, you almost have no energy to work.”

She defended, “It’s because of pregnancy and confinement to hold the wedding, and it has nothing to do with falling in love. If there was no accident, my life with Elliot would be back on track now.”

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