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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1220 by

Chapter 1220

“Elliot, do it.” Kyrie stood beside him and urged, “There have been 300 clinical trials, all of which have been successful.”

“Mr. Kyrie, to be precise, there are 301 successful cases. Did you forget that you also had this operation?” The doctor said with a smile.

Elliot immediately looked at Kyrie.

Kyrie laughed suddenly: “Of course I didn’t forget it, I just didn’t want to mention it.” He looked at Elliot, “Do you know Rocky? I heard that he is a golden retriever who has been by my side for 20 years.”

“I know, Rocky is died.”

“Yes, people around me told me the same. I had surgery to clear the memory of it. So I don’t remember my feelings for it now,” Kyrie said, his face was slightly red, “I didn’t expect that I would have such deep feelings for a dog. It’s a shame to say it, so I didn’t tell you about my surgery.”

“You really don’t remember Rocky?” Elliot was shocked and look at him.

Kyrie nodded: “Do you think I’m smiling so happily, like pretending? I hate dogs now, and I would never keep a dog, let alone develop feelings for a dog.”

Elliot looked at the smile on his face not as pretentious.

Afterwards, Elliot signed his name on the risk notice.


Time flies, three days have passed.

Adrian can be discharged from the hospital in another day.

Cole’s spirit was obviously high. Today he ordered a luxurious lunch for Adrian.

After lunch was delivered to the hospital, he immediately called Avery and asked her to feed Adrian.

Cole is now inseparable from Adrian. The more critical it is, the more it is necessary to ensure the safety of Adrian.

Cole knew that Avery was not willing to return Adrian to him, so he had to guard Avery strictly.

Adrian frowned, “Avery, Cole said just now that I can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. But I feel that my body is still very weak, can I really be discharged from the hospital?”

Before Avery could speak, Cole took the lead and Answered: “Of course you can be discharged. You have been in the hospital for a week. If you feel very weak, when I take you back to Aryadelle, I will hire a super nannie to take care of you. Or you can go to the hospital if you want. I’ll arrange an intensive care unit for you.”

Adrian looked at Avery.

Avery reassured, “Adrian, don’t be afraid. Cole is your nephew, he will definitely not harm you. You will have an examination tomorrow, and if the result of the examination is ok, you can go back to Aryadelle with him.”

“What if there is something wrong with my test results?” Adrian asked.

Cole comforted, “Uncle, you won’t have a problem. If you have a problem, the doctor would have treated you long ago. I know you can’t bear Avery. Don’t worry, her home is also in Aryadelle. Wait for her in the future. When you return to Aryadelle, I will arrange for the two of you to meet.”

Adrian lost his appetite immediately: “I’m full.”

Cole glanced at the rest of the lunch on the table: “Uncle, how much do you want to eat? If you can’t eat it, forget it, and when you return to Aryadelle, I will let someone cook you delicious food from the mountains and seas every day.”

Avery packed up the leftovers and left the ward with a garbage bag.

Cole’s cell phone rang. Seeing that it was his father’s call, he immediately took it: “Dad, don’t worry, everything is normal here. I will bring Adrian back to Aryadelle tomorrow.”

“What is Avery’s attitude?” Henry asked.

“What attitude can she have? Could it be that she can still kidnap Adrian? Haha! I think she has already accepted her fate. It’s not good if she doesn’t accept her fate.” Cole smiled wickedly.

“That’s right, now that she doesn’t have Elliot’s backer, what else can she do?” Henry laughed.

Cole suddenly changed the subject: “I don’t know what my aunt’s situation is now.”

“Aren’t you going to visit her? Anyway, she’s your aunt.” Henry smiled restrained.

Cole said, “They won’t let me see. At first they said she was in the intensive care unit and she was not allowed to visit. I thought that after so many days, it is impossible for her to be still in the intensive care unit.”

“It’s easy to say. But don’t worry about other things, the most important thing right now is to bring Adrian back to Aryadelle safely.” Henry was eager to learn, “I’ve already ordered a big meal for you.”


Avery went from Adrian’s ward After coming out, went to Wesley.

Wesley was in the intensive care unit and was taking care of Shea.

Shea was transferred from the intensive care unit yesterday.

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    1. He will remember his the mother of their children.. Way to go elliot. Will falling in love with avery again after chapter will be hurting n so much pain😥

  1. This novel is pathetic and the interest I had is lost. Not only is the book and plot dragging its ridiculously stupid. Can’t phantom why this book thought to be a winner. I guess those reading novels haven’t read many books in ther lives

    1. I totally agree with you! At first I absolutely loved this story and couldn’t get enough. But as the chapters go on it gets ridicolous!

      1. True. The writer just wants to beat around the bush and drag it. Its getting boring because the conflict its just too obvious just to make the story long. Early stage elliot so clever. Now seems too stupid just because the writer want to make the reader suffer.. I already skip a lot of pages.

  2. I’m afraid that Eliot has been fulled and that man wanted to use him. He should have asked Avery for her side instead of making rash decisions. Avery should also not been overprotective she should have explained everything. Everything is ruined. The storyline is too painful for me.

  3. When his eyes open after the surgery will be a new err for Elliott and Avery. It’s going to be Haden’s time to shine.

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  5. At the beginning when Avery and Elliott meet He was in a coma. When his eyes opened it was not love at first sight, she had to earn his Love and trust. Eventually, she stole his ❤️. She can do it again. With a little harder work

  6. Does anybody know how many chapters are in this novel? 2000? 3000? I feel likes it’s dragging on.
    Here’s hoping Elliot backed out last minute and things will resolve soon.

  7. Disappointed Reader

    This novel is just a soap opera. All the characters were screwed up. Avery and Elliot don’t love anyone except themselves. The most valuable thing in relationships is trust which they don’t have at all. Avery is very cruel with people she supposedly love.

  8. Jennifer Valdez

    LOL, it’s his mind might have forgotten Avery, but not his heart. If the writer does not intend to separate the 2 for good, once he sees Avery, he would still remember his love for her. He will only forgot how she had hurt him, how he had hurt her & all their happy memories etc… in the end it’s useless… he was nothing but a coward & an idiot.

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