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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1219 by

Chapter 1219

After he got his mobile phone, he strode to the door and saw Gwen’s face on the access control display, a burst of fire and black smoke coming from his head.

He has changed the password of the courtyard gate, how did Gwen enter his courtyard?

Apart from jumping over the wall, he couldn’t think of any other possibility.

He opened the door in order to figure out the problem.

As a result, the door opened, and Gwen immediately carried her suitcase and entered his living room.

Ben Schaffer: “!!!”

He just watched her blatantly break into his house, not knowing what to do.

Ben Schaffer said angrily, “Gwen, What are you doing?”

“I moved the house.” Gwen sat down on the sofa, holding her suitcase in both hands, watching with tears in her eyes. Looking at Ben, “someone kept knocking on my door last night. I checked the surveillance this morning, and that person was a man and a pervert… So I can’t continue to live there.”

Ben Schaffer suddenly closed Getting angry, he walked up to her and asked, “Have you called the police?”

Gwen shook her head: “I have already cancelled the lease. I thought about it…”

“Don’t cry yet. I’ll give you a new lease on life. Rent a house.” Ben Schaffer interrupted her.

Gwen shook her head and complained: “I am so beautiful, no matter where I rent, there will be perverts looking for them. I have been attracted to perverts since I was a child.”

Ben Schaffer: “…………”

“I thought about it, although I hate you very much, but your house is bigger and the security is good, so I’d better live with you.” Gwen raised her hand to wipe her tears, “Don’t worry, I will pay you the rent. The living expenses that my brother gives me every month, you don’t have to give it to me, just treat it as your rent.”

Ben Schaffer was stunned: “No… You didn’t say you don’t want your second brother, Elliot. Do you have the money?”

“I’m so miserable, you still want to severely deduct the living expenses my second brother gave me?” Gwen looked at him in disbelief.

“What do you mean by harsh deduction… You decide to give birth to a child and then give up your living expenses!”

Gwen stared at him blankly and said, “My second brother doesn’t know about my pregnancy. Could it be that Have you contacted Elliot? Avery has been looking for him, if you have his whereabouts, then I will call Avery now…”

Ben Schaffer immediately stopped her: “Don’t be fooling around. Avery will contact Elliot. If I can’t get on Elliot, how can I contact him.”

Gwen said, “It’s not worth it. My second brother must have given you a lot of money in advance and asked you to transfer it to me every month. My dad will be executed in half a month. My eldest brother doesn’t care about me, the second brother’s whereabouts are unknown, and I will be an orphan soon.”

At this moment, it goes out.

Gwen is indeed quite miserable, but also quite irritating.

As long as Ben thinks that Gwen has a wild seed of an old man in her belly, he will be dismayed.

And Gwen will live in his house in the future, and Ben will be in pain every day.

Ben: “If you don’t, go and kill the child first…”

“I won’t.” Gwen said firmly, “Why are you not able to get along with the child in my womb? I haven’t even given birth to my child yet. It doesn’t take up any space in your home, could it be that you want to charge rent for two people?”

Ben Schaffer was speechless. He turned back to the room.

Gwen sighed heavily. The first move in the plan, success!

The second step is to inquire about Elliot’s whereabouts.

As long as there is news about Elliot from Ben Schaffer’s side, Gwen believes that he will know it immediately.



In the hospital, the doctor handed a surgical risk notice to Elliot.

“Mr. Foster, you can rest assured that even if the operation fails, you will at most maintain the status.”

Elliot took the risk notice and read it carefully.

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  1. This is getting ridiculous! I use to enjoy this novel so very much! But the writer must be on drugs with some of this insane stuff the writer is putting in here to drag this out!
    Why can’t Avery and Elliot and their kids just be happy for once?

  2. At first I really loved this story but now the story turns into complicated again, until when, that Avery and Elliot live happily.. a lot of sequence and new character develops

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