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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1218 by

Chapter 1218


Hospital, inpatient department.

Adrian opened his eyes and saw Cole, his gentle eyes suddenly became extremely cold.

Avery told him that he should treat Cole as air.

Because he is a patient now, even if he ignores Cole, Cole will not be angry.

“Uncle, are you awake?” Cole saw Adrian open his eyes, and immediately said with a smile, “I bought you a tonic soup and put it in a thermos box, and I’ll give it to you now. You can drink it yourself. Do you need to feed?”

Of course Cole didn’t want to feed him.

Adrian just had one kidney removed, his hands were fine, and he had absolutely no problem eating.

Adrian looked at Cole coldly and shook his head.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Cole’s smile solidified and persuaded, “You haven’t eaten for so long, how can you not be hungry? If you don’t eat, it will affect your recovery.”

Cole looked forward to his early discharge from the hospital, so of course take good care of him.

Adrian still shook his head.

“Are you really not hungry, or don’t want me to feed you?” Cole looked at his haggard appearance and began to think of a way, “How about I let Avery feed you?”

Adrian nodded.

Cole cursed in his heart: ‘Saying you are a fool, you know how to pick someone to serve you.’

Cole put down the insulation box, took out his mobile phone, and dialed Avery.

Not long after, Avery came to the ward.

“Cole, you go out first. You are here to affect my mood.” Avery sat down beside the hospital bed.

“Ha ha ha! Avery, you are really interesting. It was Elliot who took the initiative to transfer the equity to Adrian, and it wasn’t me who forced him with a knife.” The reason why Cole mentioned this was to deliberately disgust her, “Now If you ignore my love, you won’t be able to climb high in the future.” After Cole finished speaking, he strode out.

After the door of the ward was closed, Avery opened the thermos cup, and a strong fragrance overflowed, making people greedy.

“Avery, when will he leave?” Adrian asked.

“It’s coming.” Avery raised the head of the bed and fed him soup, “you just need to remember my words and ignore Cole.”

“I ignored Cole. But I don’t want to see him. He’s here, I can only sleep with my eyes closed.” Adrian’s voice was dull, “How is my sister?”

“Shea woke up for a while today, and her body is much weaker than yours. So I haven’t told her about you yet. It’s her brother. I’m afraid she’s too emotional and her body can’t stand it.”

Adrian replied, “Avery, I’ll drink soup myself.”

He took the soup bowl and quickly finished the soup.

After handing her the empty bowl, Adrian looked out the window.

“Avery, go back quickly. It’s getting dark.” While Adrian hoped that she would go home to rest soon, he was reluctant to let her go, “Will you come to see me tomorrow?”

“As long as you don’t want to eat tomorrow, I will come and feed you.” Avery gave him an idea.

The corner of Adrian’s mouth raised a happy smile.

At this time, in Aryadelle, the morning light sprinkled the sky and the earth like gold.

It was seven o’clock in the morning, and the villa area was quiet, as if it had not changed from the dark night.

Gwen dragged her suitcase and appeared at the door of Ben Schaffer’s house. She took out the eye drops from her pocket and put it into her eyes.

After two lines of tears, she took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

In the villa, Ben Schaffer woke up from his dream when he heard the knock on the door, and hurriedly came out of the bedroom with his slippers on.

The sound of ‘bang bang bang’ was like a drum, clearly reaching his ears.

Ben immediately turned back to the bedroom, picked up his mobile phone, and was ready to call the police at any time.

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