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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1217 by

Chapter 1217

“Give me a glass of water.” Elliot sat down on the sofa and simply ordered.

The nanny immediately brought a glass of water and handed it to him.

He took the water glass, took a sip, and began to think about the consequences he would face after the operation.

–Before today, he hadn’t really thought about it.

–What Kyrie Jobin said to him tonight made his dead heart ignite a lingering hatred.

–He would not have been lonely here.

–Why did he fall like this?

–Does his life really have to be wasted in such a senseless way?

–He was not reconciled.

–Whether he is Elliot or Nathan’s illegitimate son, his life should not be destroyed and defined by anyone.

–He doesn’t want anyone to look up to him, what he wants is that others can’t look up to him.

After putting the water glass down, he said to the nanny, “Give me a pen and a notepad.”

The nanny immediately went to get him a pen and notepad.

Elliot took the pen and notepad back to the bedroom and locked the door.

After turning on the bedroom light, he strode to the desk.

If this operation is to be done, then he needs to put some key information on paper.

In case, after the operation, he really don’t remember anything, and he can have a certificate for doing things when he see this notebook in the future.

He hesitated for a few seconds before writing.

After he figured out what to write, he quickly wrote down——

——I have three children, Hayden, Layla, and Robert.

——Both of my parents died, and everyone I cared about has passed away.

Writing here, he suddenly stopped.

There was a sharp pain in his heart.

There seems to be nothing left to record.

Apart from the three children, the person he cared about most was Shea, but Shea was already dead.

And Avery… He didn’t want to think of her, let alone record her name.

As long as he thinks of her face and sees her name, he feels like he has been pierced by thousands of arrows and is in pain.

The human body has a stress response. Elliot is holding the pen now and wants to write down the words ‘Avery’, but his fingers are shaking violently.

He couldn’t write this name ‘Avery’ at all.

The next day, eight in the morning.

Elliot came out of the bedroom.

At a glance, he saw Kyrie Jobin sitting on the sofa in the living room.

You don’t need to ask, you can guess that Kyrie is forcing him to answer.

“Elliot, you’re up. Let’s go to breakfast first. Let’s talk about business after breakfast.” Kyrie got up with a smile and strode towards him.

5 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1217 by”

  1. I have read many books/novels over the years and disagreed with them at points; that is what makes a book so good and keeps you drawn in. However, I’m very taken back and disappointed that the author would go to the extent of giving Elliot brain surgery to get over what has happened. Brain surgery is not a walk in the park, especially what is being spoken of here… This would entail the separation/damage of the hippocampus, of course, this also would depend largely on the author having done research.
    I’ve had over 15+ brain surgeries personally. I was 13 for my first, and shortly after I ended up in a coma. My most recent brain surgery was just last year, and possibly again later this year.
    I’m quite appalled that the author has even suggested this.

    1. You’re absolutely right about brain surgery and I’m surprised the author is turning Elliot to idiots. Who in the world would go for brain surgery to forget his love life, I understand it is painful but he needs to consider for the kids sake., also how come Elliots never ask anything about that to Avery? Avery is wrong in this matter, but At least he should face her before he decides to transfer the shares and took off. They both lack mutual trust and communication! This story is getting ridiculous!!

  2. This Kyrie is a complete idiot! I don’t see any reason to have the chapters with him. Like I said before, if Elliot has this surgery I am done with this novel!

  3. This writer is a fool. What’s the point of bringing out a brain surgery to forget one’s past love life? It just makes the book very boring to read.

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