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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1216 by

Chapter 1216

It has been almost a week since Elliot came Yonroeville.

After Kyrie took him to understand most of the industries he is now involved in, he asked him for a drink and a chat.

“You shouldn’t have been in contact with people in Aryadelle these days, right?” Kyrie said ‘people in Aryadelle’, referring to Avery.

“I have missed my phone.” Elliot raised his glass and took a sip, “I told you last time.”

“Yes, I didn’t forget about it. I sent someone to rummage the villa several times, and I also sent someone to the airport. I searched but I didn’t find your phone. You probably didn’t bring it on the plane.” Kyrie said frankly.

“I’m answering your last question.” Elliot put down his wine glass and looked at the night on the terrace in the distance. “I lost my phone, so I didn’t contact anyone.”

“Hahaha! If you want to contact people in Aryadelle, even if you lose your phone, there are many ways to do it. Didn’t I send someone to buy you a new phone? Avery’s number, You must remember? If you want to contact her, you can contact her at any time. As far as I know, she was looking for you.” Kyrie teased.

“How did you find out?” Elliot frowned. frown.

Elliot didn’t like his privacy being offended and he didn’t like being investigated.

Kyrie raised his eyebrows: “I didn’t check any of your privacy. I just called Ben Schaffer and chatted casually. Ben Schaffer was worried about you. He also tested me and asked me if I had seen you before. I asked him if Avery ran away with that fool named Adrian, and he said…” Kyrie said this, deliberately selling out.

Elliot saw him holding up the wine glass, so he picked up the wine glass and touched it with him.

“Ben Schaffer said that Avery was looking for you and wanted to save you.” Kyrie’s deep eagle eyes looked at Elliot, “Elliot, how are you thinking? Listen to my advice once. If you go back to Aryadelle now, although you still have some assets on hand, but to those real rich people, you are nothing. Even if you and Avery get together again, relying on Avery’s Tate Industries, you can barely make it into the upper class.”

Kyrie continued, “And after a long time, if you fail to make a comeback, maybe Avery will despise you. Women are the most snobbish. Even if Avery is not like that. A woman, but if she can hurt you once, she can hurt you countless times. Elliot, if you fall once or twice in one place, it can be said to be careless. That is truly hopeless.”

Kyrie pointed to the exit, “If you think what I said is wrong, you can leave. If you leave this time, our brothers will return to the bridge road in the future. I will give Others, only give one chance. And I have given you several chances. I treat you differently from others. You should be able to feel it.”

Elliot drank the wine in his glass.

“I’ll give you An answer tomorrow.” Elliot put down his glass and strode away.

Kyrie looked at his tall back and let out a deep breath. “It’s really tough. I gave him such attractive conditions, and he still has to consider it.”

The assistant said, “Don’t you just admire Elliot? If he really agreed to follow you, he would definitely not betray you. “

Kyrie sighed, I’m afraid he won’t bow his head. I pity him, but he refuses to submit to me. I really don’t know what kind of magic and soul medicine that Avery gave Elliot, and he actually made him surrender. Give up your own country. It’s really evil.”

Heroes from ancient times have been saddened by beauty.”

“What kind of beauty is Avery?”

“You think Avery is not beautiful, but Elliot thinks she is beautiful.”

“Hehe, if he forgets Avery and brings Avery to him, do you think he will still be fascinated by her?” Kyrie was very curious.

The assistant said cautiously, “Maybe, maybe not. After all, no one can predict what his temperament will be after the operation. Besides, he hasn’t agreed to the operation yet.”

Kyrie’s expression was inscrutable, “I think Elliot is shaken. I looked at him tonight, and it seemed to be shaken.”

The assistant said, “Then don’t I want to congratulate you in advance? If Elliot completely lost his memory, wouldn’t he be at your mercy?”

What the h-e-l-l are you thinking about? I’m sure I can’t mess with his mind. I’m pointing him to make money for me.” Kyrie took out a cigar, and the assistant immediately took out a lighter and lit it for him.

In the dark night, the flames rise.

Elliot returned to the villa where he stayed.

Alcohol on top, spread to limbs and bones. There was a dull pain in the temple.

After changing his slippers, he walked towards the living room sofa.

The nanny who took care of his daily life saw him coming back and immediately came over: “Mr. Foster, do you need anything?”

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