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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1215 by

Chapter 1215

“Gwen, have you thought about it?” Avery asked.

Gwen said before that she had made a decision to tell her, but she hasn’t told her yet.

“Avery, why do you tell Ben Schaffer about me? Do you know how that old b*stard Ben Schaffer reacted? He scolded me badly, that’s enough.” Gwen jumped off the bed When she got up, “Ben also forced me to have an abortion. What kind of thing is he? He forced me.”

Avery was startled: “I called him, I’m afraid you will do the surgery alone, it’s not at ease. “

I know you are kind, but you are doing bad things. Even if you ask your best friend to accompany me to the hospital, it’s better than looking for Ben Schaffer.” Gwen complained.

“Well.” Avery was actually selfish.

The reason why she told Ben Schaffer the news at the first time was because she suspected that Gwen’s child was Ben Schaffer’s.

Gwen is young and her mind is not mature enough. It would be better if Ben Schaffer knew about it and they made a decision together.

“Forget it, don’t tell your best friend. I don’t need help from others.” Gwen lay down again and continued, “I haven’t decided whether to kill this child.”

Avery said, “”If you don’t want to beat him, then don’t beat him. Didn’t Elliot give you living expenses every month? If it’s not enough, I’ll give you more money then.”

Gwen listened to these words, and her heart warmed: “Why are you so good to me? Elliot has already no longer the boss of the Sterling Group, and although I am his sister, he did not admit me.”

Avery: “You are his sister, it has nothing to do with his status. I said, I will help you as much as possible.”

“Okay, I don’t blame you anymore.” Gwen finished childishly and asked, “How is Elliot now? Is he down and doesn’t want to see people? If my dad knew that he had become like this, he would definitely regret it.”

Avery: “I haven’t found Elliot yet.”

“Then you have to find him as soon as possible. What if he doesn’t want to commit suicide? Isn’t it common in social news that rich people commit suicide because of financial problems?” Gwen was not cursing, but really worried about him.

Although the two brother and sister had never met, Gwen could feel that Elliot was a cold and arrogant person.

“Avery, you don’t need to worry about my affairs. I’ve calmed down now. It’s just a trivial matter for me. There’s no need to trouble others at all.” Gwen said.

“Well, I won’t go back to Aryadelle for the time being. If you need help urgently, you should still contact Ben Schaffer.” Avery reminded, ” When I first met Elliot, I was often scolded by Elliot.”

“You are so nice, why did he scold you?” Gwen was puzzled.

“I wasn’t that good at the beginning. Everyone has changed little by little. Some people are getting better and some people are getting worse. Gwen, I hope you can get better.”

Gwen’s cheeks Fever: “Do you always nagging like this? I haven’t had a mother since I was a child. You make me feel like I have an extra mother.”

Avery: “…”

“Do you think Ben Schaffer will know that Elliot is going? Where is it? If he knows, I will move to his house and help you find out.” Gwen disliked her nagging, but she was very moved, so she wanted to help her.

“Ben Schaffer and Elliot have an extraordinary relationship… But if you want to move to his house, he won’t let you go. And you are a girl who moved there…” Avery raised concerns.

“Don’t worry. I’m pregnant now, and he can’t do anything to me. I’ll move in tonight. I’ll contact you when I find out about Elliot.” Gwen said indifferently.

Gwen hung up After getting on the phone, start packing.

Avery looked at the call that was hung up, a little dazed.

Gwen helped her like this, which made her a little embarrassed.

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