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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1213 by

Chapter 1213

Cole’s face suddenly turned the color of pig liver.

“It’s you who said you were going to take care of him, don’t you think you can’t bear the pain?” Avery teased.

“Why don’t you just take a kidney? Why do you have to insert a urinary catheter?” Cole said in disgust.

Avery mocked, “Would you like to try picking a kidney for you? If you’re impatient, then go back to the hotel. Come back when he can be discharged from the hospital in a week.”

Cole didn’t want to endure hardship to take care of Adrian. But seeing that Avery wanted him to go so much, he decided to stay and take care of Adrian.

Seeing that Cole insisted on his own opinion, Avery came out of the ward.

Adrian is safe until Adrian is discharged from the hospital.

Now think of a foolproof way to ensure that Adrian will not be taken away by Cole.

She found Wesley in the doctor’s office and told Wesley about the situation. “This Cole doesn’t hide his ambitions at all now.”

Avery frowned, “Yes. He told me directly that after taking Adrian back, he will take the Sterling Group into his pocket. So I must not let him take Adrian away. He said he brought a lot of bodyguards from Aryadelle, and these bodyguards are near the hospital now.”

“Avery, don’t worry, I’m here. this is a hospital and his bodyguards dare not break in.” Wesley comforted, “There is a no-contact order in Bridgedale. As long as we make this law take effect, we can make Cole unable to get close to Adrian.”

“I know the no-contact order, but what should we do? Make this law take effect?” Avery’s brain began to run at high speed.

Wesley said: “Just submit the proof to the judge that he intends to harm Adrian.”

Avery: “But he will not harm Adrian.”

Wesley said slowly, “Then we will create evidence that he intends to harm Adrian. To treat people like Cole, we need to put aside kindness and sincerity.”

Avery nodded: “Wesley, just do as you said. How is Shea today?”

“She hasn’t woken up today.” Wesley couldn’t accompany her in the intensive care unit, so he could only wait for news in the doctor’s office .

“She will definitely wake up today, and she will be awake longer than yesterday.” Avery said firmly.

“Well. Have you found Elliot’s whereabouts?” Wesley was most worried about Elliot besides Shea.

It’s not that Wesley cares more about Elliot, but that he worries about Avery.

If Avery can’t find Elliot, her life will never return to normal.

“After Elliot transferred his shares, he never logged into his social account and email address.” Although she was a little disappointed, she was not discouraged, “I plan to visit all his friends. If I really can’t find him, I will publish ‘The missing person notice’ with a lot of money.”

Wesley chuckled: “I see your determination to find him, but Elliot may want to dig a hole in the ground. If he is so proud, if he sees himself on the missing person notice, he will definitely feel very uncomfortable.”

“I can’t care so much. As long as there is his whereabouts, I am willing to try any method.”

At noon, Shea woke up from a coma.

She woke up this time, much better than last night.

“Wesley, Avery.” Her voice was weak, but she called out their names accurately, “Did my surgery succeed?”

“Your surgery was a success. You will get better and better every day.” Wesley said .

Shea raised the corner of his mouth and breathed a sigh of relief: “Then can I see my brother? Avery, call him. I want to hear his voice… I also want him to hug him.”

An unnatural emotion flashed in Avery’s eyes, and then in front of her, she dialed Elliot’s number.

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