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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1212 by

Chapter 1212

The next morning.

After Avery got up, she went to the hospital. Adrian’s condition was much better than yesterday.

Seeing Avery, Adrian immediately showed a smile: “Avery, how is my sister?”

Avery sat down beside his hospital bed, picked up the breakfast porridge she bought, and fed it to him: “She woke up last night. It took a while, but she fell asleep quickly. She is still sleeping at the moment.”

“Well. Will she be better?”

“It should be.” Avery fed a spoonful of porridge into his mouth, “Adrian, you stay in Bridgedale for now. After Shea is discharged from the hospital, you two, brother and sister will stay together. Wesley will take care of you.”

“What about you?” Adrian asked.

“I’m going to find Elliot. When I find him, we’ll go back to Aryadelle together. Okay?” Avery discussed with him.

“Okay, when my sister is with me, I won’t be so bored.” Adrian began to fantasize about his future life.

Avery looked at the smile on his face and raised the corner of his mouth.

After breakfast, Avery’s cell phone rang. She took out her mobile phone and saw the words ‘Cole’ jumping on the screen, her face suddenly gloomy.

Cole sent her a message yesterday, but she didn’t reply, so he couldn’t wait to call today.

She took her mobile phone and walked towards the balcony.

After picking up the call, Cole’s voice suddenly came: “Avery! Why didn’t you reply to my message yesterday? Hehe, you don’t want to play disappear, right?”

“If I want to play disappear, I won’t answer your phone.” Avery looked at the dazzling sunlight outside the window, her voice was cold, “Isn’t it time yet?”

“You didn’t reply to my message yesterday, so I arrived by plane overnight.” Cole said here and asked, “Which hospital are you in? I’ll go over now and take care of Adrian by the way.”

Avery’s strings were tense: “It’s ridiculous, Cole, I know what you’re worried about…”

“Since you know what I’m worried about, then tell me to the hospital. If I can’t see Adrian today, I’ll go to your house to block you. I know where your home in Bridgedale is.” Cole came prepared.

After being silent for a few seconds, Avery told him the name of the hospital.

This is Bridgedale, she has enough confidence to deal with Cole.

About half an hour later, Cole came to the ward.

Seeing Adrian resting with his eyes closed, Cole breathed a sigh of relief: “Is he okay?”

“Even if he is okay, he can’t be discharged now. If you plan to take him away in the next two days…

“I didn’t say I was going to take him away in the next two days. I will definitely take him away after he is discharged from the hospital.” Cole looked at Avery with a triumphant smile on his face, “wait for me to take him back to Aryadelle. Now, the Sterling Group will gradually fall into my hands. Avery, will you regret not being with me at the beginning?”

Avery was disgusted by his greasy smile and asked, “Cole, did you come alone?”

“What! Are you testing me?” Cole approached her haggard and pale face, “How could I come alone? Adrian is now my turn against the wind. Key person. I hired a team of elite bodyguards who live near the hospital and are on call at any time.”

“Oh, are they the bodyguards brought from Aryadelle?”

“Yeah! Are you afraid?”

“Afraid, I really am. I’m afraid.” Avery said, glancing at Adrian, “Adrian’s urine bag is almost full, you can change his urine bag later. If he wants to defecate, you have to help him into the bathroom.”

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