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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1211 by

Chapter 1211


What a coincidence?

He seemed to have a handle in her hand, and his momentum was suddenly insufficient.

“That colleague of mine said you can’t do it.” Gwen raised her eyebrows, looking at his face blushing and purple, “Not only can’t you do that, but you won’t give tips. You’ll die if you’re stingy.”

“What’s your colleague’s name? Give me the contact information.” Ben Schaffer was going crazy.

“Are you going to tip her?”


“It’s fine if you don’t. I said this not to betray my colleague, but to remind you that I am a bad girl and you are not a good man. If you dare to stand on the moral high ground and scold me again in the future, I will tell you about it.” Gwen finished the threat and left the Schaffer family in a happy mood.


After Avery sent Wesley away, he returned to the master bedroom and took out the paper under the pillow. She first logged into Elliot’s Facebook account.

After logging in successfully, countless unread messages appeared in front of her.

There were messages she sent him, and there were messages sent by Chad.

Elliot didn’t look at a single one.

Avery took a deep breath, logged out of Facebook uncomfortably, and then logged into his mailbox.

After entering the mailbox, she saw his last login time and login ip. Elliot logged in to his mailbox the day before the equity transfer.

Avery looked at the landing time, and two lines of tears rolled down quickly.

Probably for him, at the moment when the equity was transferred, his heart also died.

Thinking of the change in his mood, Avery was in such pain that she couldn’t breathe.


At the same moment, in Yonroeville.

Elliot suddenly found that his mobile phone was missing. His phone has been off for a few days. Because the phone has not been used at all in the past few days. He can’t remember where the phone was lost.

Maybe it was lost before boarding the plane, maybe after getting off the plane… He has no memory at all.

He has always been proud of his memory that is superior to ordinary people, but now, such an important thing, he does not know when he lost it.

Looking for it now is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

He is no longer the Elliot who used to call the wind and call the rain.

A sense of decadence arises spontaneously.

He suddenly remembered the operation that Kyrie Jobin had talked about when he took him to visit the monkey park.

Sadly, the mother monkey was forced to undergo amnestic surgery, but after the operation, she was given a new life.

Isn’t this a good treatment for it?

He suddenly envied the female monkey. He can forget all the people and start a new life, make new friends, and regain his dignity and happiness.

After the bath, he lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling and lost in thought.

There were two voices clamoring in his mind.

The first voice: Elliot, escape can’t solve the problem. Avery already knew it was wrong. Give her another chance.

The second voice: Elliot! Don’t trust any woman anymore. After that operation, completely forget about Avery. Start a new life again. This is your only right choice.

12 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1211 by”

  1. when he decides that he will undergo the surgery doesn’t that mean he will forget about his children and even Shea? OMG

  2. Pls, don’t make him go through that surgery. They have both suffered enough, the children need both parents love.
    Otherwise, this will drag on for ages to come.
    I am getting tires of the soap opera

    1. He will forget all about sad things happen in his life. He will forget his bad father. He will forget shea too. He will be new person. Will he fall in love again with avery after this.. Will hayden sorry for him. After all his children will never forget him . Its really depressing

  3. Seriously very convenient that there’s a surgery that will make things all better. Live the life your already built. He needs a reality check. He had people killed and beaten. How is he in the right and Avery in the wrong. Marriage is a series of in and out of love. Sticking to your vows allows for humility and praise. Not one side is ever totally in the right or wrong. He has no backbone. Grow a pair.

  4. If Elliot has this stupid surgery to erase his mind I am done with this novel! That sounds so stupid! What father would do that and not know their own kids.

  5. Why does this writer base his story on stupid fictions. Can’t he be more realistic🤦‍♀️ The Elliot he portrayed from the beginning of the novel was smart, the Elliot now is stupid and would be more stupid if he goes through the surgery. And why is there too much secretes in the novel🤦‍♀️ Why can’t Gwen just tell Ben he’s the father of the child she’s carrying and go her way. This writer sha

  6. Jennifer Valdez

    I know what will gonna happen even if his mind forgot Avery, his heart will not… the writer really ruined both characters…

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