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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1209 by

Chapter 1209

Wesley analyzed, “I came here to tell you this. Henry still has a certain influence in Aryadelle relying on the contacts of the former Foster family. If you bring Adrian back to Aryadelle, will be very passive. So don’t let Adrian go back to Aryadelle.”

Avery: “What about Shea?”

“Before finding Elliot, let Shea recuperate in Bridgedale.” Wesley has already thought about it, “Avery, didn’t you say you’re going to find Elliot? Henry and his son can’t find you, and they can’t help you. When you get Elliot back, go back to Aryadelle together and ask Adrian to return the equity to him.”

Avery said gratefully: “Wesley, thank you for thinking so much for me. Your proposal is very good. If I bring Adrian back to Aryadelle, I may really not be able to cope with the entanglement of Henry and his son.”

“God, I’ve lost a lot of weight. It won’t work like this.” Wesley helped her to think so much, so that she could get out of her grief as soon as possible, “It’s better to believe that there are ways than difficulties.”

“Well, Hayden gave it to me this morning . Apologize.” A smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, “After Hayden apologized to me, I suddenly realized that I must take care of my health.”

“You haven’t eaten dinner yet? I’ll go and see what’s in the refrigerator.” Wesley Get up from the sofa.

Avery said embarrassedly: “Wesley, there should be nothing in the refrigerator. Let me order takeout.”

Wesley was even more embarrassed: “Then you order two.”

Wesley hasn’t had dinner yet.

Avery couldn’t help laughing and crying: “Shea has been hospitalized in the hospital, wouldn’t you live in the hospital with her?”

“Not really. I rented a house near the hospital.”

“Wesley, I really want to know, who are you? How can you hold back from contacting your parents?” Avery asked this question because she thought that Elliot had suddenly cut off contact with everyone.

Wesley is a very gentle person in her heart. If Wesley can be cruel and not contact his family for so long, then Elliot will only be more cruel than him.

Wesley said, “It’s really difficult. Especially when I think of my parents’ old age, and I’m the only son, I’m particularly ashamed.” After a pause, he added, “When I sent you a postcard, I also sent a postcard to my parents too. I told them I’m fine, so they don’t care.”

Aver: “I knew you wouldn’t be so cruel. But your parents will miss you more when they see your postcard.”

Wesley said, “Well, I have planned to go back to see them after the Shea’s matter is over. Did you think of Elliot? Actually, you don’t need to be too pessimistic, because you have three children. Elliot is angry now, maybe he can hold back his ignorance. Get in touch, and you’ll be relieved after a while.”

Avery nodded, “I hope it’s what you said.”


Last night, Ben Schaffer took Gwen to the hospital to have an abortion. After arriving at the hospital, the emergency doctor told them not to do this kind of surgery at night, and let them come back tomorrow during the day.

Ben Schaffer took Gwen home and planned to take her to the hospital the next morning.

Gwen thought for a night and made a decision.

The next morning, she told Ben Schaffer of her decision.

Ben Schaffer listened, blew his nose and stared: “Gwen, you can be shameless yourself, your second brother is shameful. If you have to give birth to this wild species, you will go to Bridgedale, and you are not allowed to come to Aryadelle in the future. let alone Be sure to talk about your relationship with Elliot.”

“I don’t want his living expenses in the future, so he can’t control me.” Gwen said confidently, “Besides, I never said that Elliot was my second brother. You don’t need to worry about it. I’ve embarrassed him.”

Ben asked: “What’s your attitude?”

“What’s my attitude? I’m pregnant, I decided to have a baby, and I didn’t ask you to give me money. What are you doing in such a frenzy?” Gwen said, she decided to test him, “You are so anxious to let me have an abortion. Don’t you think I am carrying your child?”

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