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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1199 by

Chapter 1199

“Yes. It’s better for him to know the truth than Avery alone.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier.” Chad threw the cup in his hand to the ground and roared, “You early Just got it, right? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You b*stard.”

Mike blushed after being scolded: “As for Avery’s considerations, I will definitely listen to her…”

“F*ck you.” Chad clenched his fists tightly, extremely angry.

Is it too late to tell the truth now?

“Why are you so angry? Can’t you get in touch with Elliot? If you can’t get through to him, send him an email… He can’t possibly stop using all his social accounts, right?” Mike said angrily. Annoyed, trying to calm him down.

“Even if you tell Elliot about Shea, what can you do? He has already transferred the equity. You and Avery, you two are two sc*mbags.” Chad couldn’t bear it anymore, and swiped his fist at Mike’s face.

“D*mn it. You don’t need to swear, but you still do it. Those who didn’t know it thought it was your equity that was transferred.” Mike covered his face with one hand, and lifted Chad onto the sofa with the other, “Adrian is now in the hands of Avery. Let Adrian transfer the equity to your boss again.”

“It’s easy for you to say.”

“Because it’s that simple. It’s hard for you to think about it, then it’s hard for you to do anything.” They stared at each other with big eyes, and after a stalemate in the atmosphere for a while, Chad finally figured it out.

“Okay, I’ll contact my boss. If I can’t get in touch, I can’t help. Who is to blame for Avery’s stupid things?”

“Can you stop scolding Avery?” Mike begged with the pain on his face, “Avery hides it from Elliot, it’s not because Elliot is irritable and fragile. She wants to deal with the matter and then tell him what’s wrong.”

Chad: “Even if my boss is irritable and vulnerable, it’s better than Avery’s self-righteousness and the heart of the Virgin.”

Mike: “It’s obvious that your boss’s problem is more serious. If your boss is a normal person, Avery doesn’t have to worry so much. Avery fell in love with him. It’s like raising an eldest son!”

Chad: “You idiot, shut up!”

Mike: “You’re the idiot!”

Chad tried all the ways to contact Elliot but there was no result.


After Adrian did a series of preoperative examinations, the doctor asked him to sign the operation risk notice.

Although Adrian was a donor and taking a kidney was not life-threatening to the body, there were still risks.

He held the pen and looked at Avery.

“Doctor, Adrian didn’t know how to write. Is there a red ink pad? he can press his handprint.” Avery immediately spoke to the doctor.

The doctor immediately brought the red ink pad.

Adrian did not hesitate to print his own fingerprints on the notice.

The doctor said to Avery, “The operation is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Let him have a good rest today, don’t be nervous.”

Avery nodded. The doctor left the ward with the notice.

Adrian looked at her and asked, “Avery, is it because of me that you broke up with Elliot, right?”

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