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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1198 by

Chapter 1198

Mike said, “Then you just showdown with Elliot and tell him that Shea is still alive. Let him worry and suffer also. It’s better than letting him hate you alone.”

“I can’t get through to him. I haven’t been able to get through to him since last night, until now…. He probably won’t use this number again.” Avery’s voice was heavy, and she made no secret of her helplessness and grief, ” Mike, my heart seems to be dead.”

“What to die for? Even without him, you still have three children.” Mike snapped, “When is Shea’s surgery? Is the time determined?”

Avery took a deep breath and said, “If it goes well, then Tomorrow. I talked to Shea last night. She was so innocent and kind. She missed Elliot very much. I promised her that when her surgery was successful, I would take her to see Elliot.. ….but I couldn’t contact Elliot anymore…”

“You can’t contact him, maybe other people can. You need to adjust your mood first. If Shea’s operation can be successful, you are still afraid of him. Can’t you come out? I’ll take the child to Bridgedale to find you in two days.” Mike comforted her.

Avery: “Well. I’m going to the hospital.”

Mike: “Avery, love is always just the spice of life, not a necessity. Don’t be right. Life loses confidence.”

“Got it.” After talking on the phone, Mike returned to the villa. He stayed until nine o’clock at night and left when Layla fell asleep.

After coming out of Foster’s house, he drove to Chad’s house.

After Elliot left the Sterling Group, Chad seemed to have been beaten by frost.

Not to mention that Elliot will not step into the Sterling Group again in the future, just thinking that the future boss will be Adrian is not a small blow.

Adrian doesn’t understand anything, how can he be the boss of the Sterling Group?

And behind Adrian, there are Henry and his son. It means that the company has now fallen into the hands of Henry and his son.

Just thinking about it makes Chad feel sick.

He has been by Elliot’s side for so many years, and he knows how much Elliot hates this father and son.

Asking Elliot to make such a decision is tantamount to cutting the flesh from his body and feeding it into the enemy’s mouth.

After Mike came back, Chad said coldly, “Avery hasn’t returned to Aryadelle yet.”

“I told you, she won’t be back for the time being.” Mike put on his slippers and led him towards the living room, “You think of a way. Contact Elliot.”

“How can I think of a way? How can I get in touch? What if I get in touch?” Chad pushed his arm away, “I am no longer a boss or subordinate with him. You let me get in touch. What did he say?”

“Even if you are no longer a boss and a subordinate, but you have known each other for so many years. you are still friends.”

“He has many friends. There is no shortage of useless friends like me.” Chad laughed at himself and said, “Why did you ask me to find him? Are you looking for him, or Avery looking for him?”

Seeing that Chad was so angry, Mike poured him a glass of water: “What if I said Shea was looking for him? Chad, Do you really think that Avery has a vicious heart and turns her elbows out to drive Elliot to a corner?”

Chad’s expression froze, his eyes couldn’t hide his panic: “Shea? Did you just say Shea?”

Mike explained, “Yes Shea is still alive. But she is very ill. Her health is not good. After giving Robert a blood transfusion, she went into shock once, and was rescued later, and then she developed kidney failure…Shea wants a kidney transplant. If she doesn’t, she will die. Whether she will be able to recover after a kidney transplant is unknown. So Avery didn’t tell anyone about this.”

Chad Adam’s apple rolled around, and his mind was in a mess: “Shea’s kidney transplant, why should I let my boss transfer the equity?”

“Because Adrian’s kidney can be transplanted to Shea. And Adrian is held in Henry’s hands. It’s actually very simple, but it’s hard to accept.” Mike sat down on the sofa and exhaled, “Elliot called Avery yesterday and broke up.”

“Oh…you asked me to find my boss, did you want me to tell him about Shea?”

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  1. Please for the love of God give us some happiness in this novel. I love this story and look forward to reading it. But please we need happiness. Thank you

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