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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1194 by

Chapter 1194

There’re Countless information jumped out. He filtered all the useless information, opened the browser, and saw his picture on the front page news.

Everything in the past came to an end in this moment. Everything about him and Avery also came to an end.

When Layla came back last night and saw him at home, her eyes were cold and timid.

Elliot really wanted to get close to his daughter, but when he saw her daughter’s reaction, he couldn’t say anything, and he didn’t dare to approach blindly.

This morning too.

When Mrs. Cooper was combing her hair, she watched quietly beside him.

She combed her hair and immediately ran out of the door with her schoolbag on her back.

He didn’t look at him the whole time, and didn’t say a word to him. As if he was a beast of a flood.

Only Robert knew nothing. When picked up by him, he would still laugh at him and still call his father. However, he is no longer the radiant Elliot.

His company no longer belongs to him, and his identity, except for the name ‘Elliot’, has been returned to Adrian. He doesn’t think he has much value to the child now.

The phone rang suddenly, pulling him back to reality from his thoughts. He looked at the caller ID on the screen, and after a few seconds, answered the call.

“Elliot, you have been destroyed by that woman now. Have you seen how those people on the Internet in your Aryadelle laughed at you? When you were beautiful, everyone respected you and feared you, so you saw The people who compliment you are those who compliment you, and the voices that compliment you are heard.”

“Now you’re not the CEO of Sterling Group, everyone looks at you like a drowning dog. Everyone doesn’t care if you drown or not. Everyone just laughs at how funny you are when you fall into the water and how funny you look like choking…”

The voice over the phone kept coming.

Elliot’s eyes were cold and his fists were clenched tightly.

“Elliot, even if everyone looks down on you, I won’t give up on you. Come to my side, I have good wine here, and a more suitable platform for your development.” The man was smoking a cigar and leaning on the boss chair and said, “The last time I saw you, I reminded you that Avery is not a good woman. I have seen more women than you have eaten in my life. If you take women seriously, women will ride On your head. If you want a woman to be obedient, you must break her wings first.”

The man continued, “Where are you now? I’ll send someone to pick you up. Regardless of whether you recognize me as a big brother or not, you come to me for a vacation first and relax.”


Avery accompanied Adrian to the hospitalization procedures in the hospital, and then took care of him to wash in the ward.

Time flies, and soon it is night.

After Adrian lay down on the hospital bed and fell asleep, she glanced at the night outside the window. She decided to stay in the hospital to guard Adrian.

Before the kidney transplant, she could no longer take any risks.

After a while, Wesley pushed open the door of the ward and walked to her side.

“Avery, Shea woke up. I told her that you were here.”

Avery rubbed her sore eyes and walked out with Wesley immediately.

5 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1194 by”

  1. The children doesn’t even respect Elliot as a father because Avery has created a bad image of their father in the heart of the children from the beginning. Does a father really have to beg for love from his children. And should the children always be aware of the matters that concern couples?
    This book is useless! I don’t see anything to learn from reading this book

    1. Well said dear…..Avery had already create a bad image of Elliot to the children, Elliot should just stop forcing himself on them, I only hope, the little child ( Robert can return all the fatherly love that Elliot deserves to him ) as for Hayden and Layla, I don’t give a fuck…..

  2. The kids should not treat their dad so badly. Come on writer! Quit putting the kids in adult problems! Let them be kids for God sake!
    On another note, I am ready for some happiness in this story/Novel! Please!

  3. I don’t think Avery loves Elliot…she does things that will make her feel good without regard for how Elliot feels..she manipulates him…she things she is always right…i do not like this character at all…

  4. Jennifer Valdez

    That’s true. Avery as a mother, she should’ve educate her children. No matter what Elliot never once hurt her. It was her own misunderstanding & selfishness that drove the 2 of them apart. If only she paid more attention & trust the love he had for her. She fed his children with hatred,so she’s despicable. I dunno who that mysterious villain is, I only hope he wouldn’t do anything against Elliot. I’m afraid he will make Elliot his puppet. I don’t like that woman Avery to be his heroine. Elliot shouldn’t need a savior. I want him to be even more stronger instead.

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